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Horrible!!! Waited for 15 minutes. They said they could not take the order because she was new and trying to learn the register Add comment

I went to the Popeyes in Deer Park Texas and ordered a catfish dinner for 5.99 and received three fish sticks, coleslaw and a biscuit, I think for that price I should get catfish not fish sticks, I tell all my friend not to eat there and go to hart chickens and receive more for the buck and good food, am a firefighter and all stations will quit buying food there, and the same way with there chicken small orders will not keep you in bussiness if... Read more

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I love your spicy chicken breast, I just got home with my order of 2 breast. But was disappointed to see there is hardly any meat on breast. Only the tender was attached. I called the store, and spoke to an Indian female who said she was the supervisor but would not give her name . The five town Popeyes in five towns ny. Add comment

I Had visited The Popeyes restuarent at Dawsonville during the lunch hour on Friday of this week, and I was very unhappy by the service and the quality of food received from the drive through. The food was cold and it seemed as it was just dumped in without proper manner of delivery. The manager who took the order had an accent and was very loud. I had to repeat my order few times to make him understand while placing my order. I will never go... Read more

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We went to the Palisades mall center location in Rockland county NY, and was shocked to see Popeyes store manager picked a fight with a patron with a cute girl over a piece of missing chicken! The manager is Pau according to the other workers. He (the manager) even banged the counter to express his anger... Poor training on Popeyes means food safety is questionable. Buyers beware. Add comment

Very rude employee .. rang up my order wrong. I did not finish my order she gave me a price I payed for half of what I ordered ... Add comment

Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen - Review in Cafes, Restaurants and Bars category from Nashville, Tennessee
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Hi my name is Susana Carpenter Yesterday 05-26-2016 at 6:23pm I Visit The Popeyes On 735 myatt drive in madison tn 37115 the store was very busy and its on of my favorite stops on weekends with my children after I ordered a 11pc mixed its chicken i pick up for our church members who have meetings on Wednesdays and Thursdays night , I sent a picture of the receipt of what I ordered I ordered 11 piece mix 6 spicy 5 Mild And 1 large... Read more

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Hate the service they rush you. Food taste like trash. I bought $5 box the tenders looked pail like they werent cooked. Red beans and rice the riced tasted old not fresh. Add comment

Hello,I went to Popeyes to order a meal for my family. After waiting gor 30 mins for mashed potatoes I returned home. Once I returned home I disvovered that the potatoes were soup like and two if my pieces of chicken were raw. We called to speak to the manager to complain and that call quickly ended due to the rude customer service. I would like to just simply have goid customer service without a food poisioning scare. Popeyes resturant... Read more

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I started in Detroit now at Greenfield in Southfield at 9pm. I left Dettoit because the line was so long you could not pull off the street. I am now sitting in line for 20 minutes and we have not moved but one car. I hope someone in your organization cares enough about the potential of the brand and the newmessaging to come to Detroit and get this right while you can. It is apparent that you have owners but not operators or you have absent... Read more

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