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Stopped by the Iverson St. location in Temple Hills Maryland at 10:35pm, hungry after getting off late from work. Manager says, "All I have left is some sides no more chicken". How can you be out of chicken 25 minutes before close? And all the workers thought it was funny. The whole staff should be fired. It's going to take a lot for me to ever visit Popeye's again. Think I'll just stick to Royal Farms from now on. Read more

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This is the SLOWEST Popeyes on the planet! No matter how many employees on duty.Store #2579c, Evergreen Park,Il. 60805 No manager in sight. Not just today, slow every time. I only get a large beans/rice once a week. Usually Tuesdays. Lately Wednesdays. WHY! !!???

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The drive thru young lady wasn't clear that they were out completely of spicy chicken and that for the mild chicken we've order will be a 6 minute wait in the DRIVE THRU & couldn't tell us our bill till we arrive at the window she says!What an insane experience in drive through!What ashame that they'd printed the ticket of the order when we arrived at the window!!!They were guessing what was our order and try to rush to get our chicken after... Read more

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Im in alexandria, Louisiana... Popeyes suppose to close at 10:00pm central time. Its 9:45 and there close. This is bad business.They need to do better and close on time. my email is Cbronson675@gmail.com Read more

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Every time I go to the pinellas park location they never have chicken and they tell you 20-30 minutes so you don't buy any that was how churches was down the street and now Popeyes is doing the same thing you pull up theirs a bunch of workers inside just standing around it sad because the company has no ideal what goes on in these store and if it was better managed they would take advantage of the competition going out of business for the same... Read more

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I have tried repeatedly to purchase chicken from Popeyes. The last 3 times, after waiting nearly 10 mins in line, I am told there is a 20 minute wait. 5pm to 6pm. Maybe the manager & a cook shouldn't be out on smoke break acting like it really doesn't matter. The time before these, I ordered mild white meat meal & got a wing, a thigh and a spicy leg. Pitiful.

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Stop in at the Bessermer location. I am extremely upset at the way I was treated!! The young woman that was at the counter looked at me like I was a disease .. Also the manager, who's pants where hanging way below his butt!! This continued to occur for about 10 minutes or so.. If it hadn't been for an older gentleman I would not have been waited on!! This is the second time I have been in this location and the second time I have been treated... Read more

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Spoiled cole slaw and to much greese on my chicken today ....

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On Sat Sept 24th, 2016 I visited 2 locations. One located at East 103rd in Chicago, the other at 95th and King dr in Chicago between 1030 and 1050 pm central standard time. Both locations were not open for business but they both close at 12am. This was ridiculous. As a business you should be open during your business hours. I understand they are located in a primarly black neighborhood, but it doesnt mean we deserve that type of service. I hope... Read more

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