On 7/24/10, i made a complaint against an asst. manager of popeyes to wit: Mr. Michael Parkins of the kissimmee location of 324 w, vine street kissimmee, florida, store # 103 for openly critizing and de-characterizing me for being ***.

I have been a loyal customer to popeyes chicken and biscuts for over 20 years and this has been the worst and most embarassing experience that i have endured since becoming a customer

For approx. 2 to 3 weeks in a row, i have dined out at the above location popeyes and actually listened to this manager openly explain to his employees, how much he hate *** people and wishes that we all would die.

at some point of coming into the restaurant and hearing it for the fifth or 6th time, over a period of time, i approached the service counter and spoke to asst. manager Mr Parkins and i asked him what was his problem.

Needless to say, he provided no response at that time.. On 7/24/2010, i returned to this location to speak with the general manager Mr. Brown to make him aware of the inapropriate and unexceptable behavior of his asst.

But Mr. Brown was not in at that time.. I made another futile attempt to explain to this asst. manager that he has been speaking with wreckless disregard as to wether or not the discrimatory statements that

he's been making about gays would effect or insult the other customers who also heard him. After i told Mr. Parkins how i felt about his his out look on gays, in a rage, he reached for his phone and called the police..

He had me tresspassed for one year and while I was leaving the property, Mr. Parkins looked at me and said "thats one less *** i got to deal with".. At no time was i rude to Mr. Parkins..

Of course i called the corp. office to make a complaint but could not get through and finally made contact with the corp. manager, Mr. Carlos who assured me that this matter would be handled accordingly

i explained to Mr. Carlos that i didnt wish anything bad to happen to Mr. Parkins as of termination or something like that. But he needs to know the definition of professionalism and treating people with respect wether its on or off the job.

It is clearly ovious that this asst. manager has no gerneral concerns for his customers and their privatcy and feelings and totally lacks the ability to project professional standards in his official capacity as

an assistant manager of popeyes chicken.. In addition as an ending result of this altercation, i have took the liberty of notifying my civil attorneys and requested immediate action against Mr. Micheal Parkins

and popeyes for slander, defimation of character and discrimination by character with more to follow in the United States Distict Court (Middle Distict of Florida.. I just want him to take full responsibility for his action.

In closing, after today, i wouldnt refer anyone to popeyes chicken.. thank you for listening.. My name is Mr. Kendall Thompson and i can be reached at 321 746 **** if u have any questions concerning this issue. Thank you..

Product or Service Mentioned: Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen Manager.

Location: Kissimmee, Florida

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And your point is what if you want to be real technical and picky it is freedom of speech.

Your seriously going to sue someone for saying they hate gays. Don't you have anything better to do. I mean there is so much worse *** going on in the US then to quibble over something petty as someone saying they hate *** people.


He is saying that they don't have to keep on and on about it. It does get really irritating hearing someone say the same thing over and over and over again.

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