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My name is Larry Overcast all on 10-9-2018. And Because October is breast cancer awareness month I was wearing my pink tee shirt that reads MALE BREASTCANCER AWARENESS...

and you of your bosses day l like your shirt it is hilarious. And laughing. And he walked off. And I call him back.

And ask what did you say. And he said it was hilarious. And was laughing and I told him I had male breast cancer and had a mastectomy on my left breast And he laughing saying you need to show that to an NFL. TEam because it so funny I don’t think it is funny at all You can read my story.

In Type in Larry overcast. Or in fact they just did another story on me and it came out in the paper October 5 2018. Friday paper and.

I don’t mind tell you.

That is the most cure thing that’s ever been same to me. About my breast cancer ...

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Yeah Larry most MEN don’t realize that MEN can get breast cancer. It’s not taught in sex Ed.

It’s not common knowledge so while the employee is ignorant it doesn’t make them rude. You’re assigning a rude attitude to someone who honestly thought you were joking around. The other person has not lived the experiences you have. You are basically blaming them for not being you.

It’s your turn to show some empathy and understanding. Their ignorance is not a personal attack against you nor does it discount what you went through. Breast cancer is considered more of a female problem exclusively and male breast cancer is never discussed in common media. Which is what most people base their world views on.

You being indignant and upset is understandable but you have to be more understanding. You’re online bashing because you have boo boo hurt feelings because you THINK you were disrespected and discounted ON PURPOSE. How can you blame the guy for thinking you were joking around. Were you 100% fully aware of male breast cancer BEFORE you had it?

No you were as ignorant as the person you are complaining about. You have some really high expectations and should move that chip off your shoulder a bit. It’s not fair to bash others because they didn’t experience what you have.

More like you lashing out and demanding free food. You’re acting out because they haven’t been taught about male breast cancer and that is NOT THIER FAULT!!


They laughed either because they thought it was a bad joke not knowing guys can get breast cancers. How about dropping off some material and perhaps save a life... I


This needs to go viral. This is horrible and I am sorry it happened.

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