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We ordered the 2 piece meal and the 3 piece meal and were charged for these according to the receipt. However, she didn't give us our drinks and when we asked for them she said she didn't ring it up as meals and therefore we'd have to pay almost $4 for 2 drinks.

The receipt clearly showed it was rung up as meals, but she still denied it and refused to give us drinks.

That was after we were refused entry to the dining area although there was a sign stating it was open and a black woman and her 2 children were permitted in.

They also said they didn't have any chicken sandwiches, and we ordered 3 additional red beans and rice which they did not secure the lids on prior to tossing them in the bag, so they were spilled in the bag.

It sure feels like discrimination to me as it is an all black crew working there. If it were an all white crew and a black person got this type of service they'd claim it was discrimination.

User's recommendation: Don't go to Popeyes in Starkville, MS.

Monetary Loss: $4.

Preferred solution: I want a refund, an apology and the employee terminated for discrimination and overall not doing her job..

Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen Cons: Service and attitude of the empioyee.

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