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Thats exactly what i did when i visited the popeyes in Martinez,Ga. Service, wait time and food was unsatisfactory.

I did what any unhappy customer would do. Well they took my complaint, fired an employee, and then gave them the report with all my personal info on it. Name, address and phone number. This ex employee then contacts me and tells me he has all my information!!

Popeyes denies this of course, but i have the proof. Now they wont return my calls!

Review about: Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen Customer Care.

I didn't like: I did not like the very poor quality of the food, Management and the employees.

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Is this like when you call 911 to me an anonymous report and the police come to your House.


i totally agree with the person that was pissed ...cust service in this country has gone to h....... i had a simiular expience in one fo thier stores


Annonymous..... When a company gives out your personal information and you get threats towards yourself and your home you will never understand what this post is about.

I'm no princess and never claimed to be. I work. I work hard. I pay my taxes and when I go to a resturant I just want good service.

I've been to this place SEVERAL times in the past. I've had issues with them, but never complained. This time I had to. You are making yourself sound as if you work there and that it's the norm for this place.

I'm done having a *** contest with you. What they did was wrong.

And I'd complain again if it happens again anywhere I go. Work ethics have left us and it's because of millenials like yourself.

to Lisa #1480110

Not only is what they dd unethical, but it’s also illegal! I can’t believe anyone is calling you out, because someone got fired, & was given your name.

Obviously this ex-employee had more than one complaint, or they wouldn’t have been fired. You have no way of knowing if this person has acted aggressively at work before, or otherwise!

That will really discourage other unhappy customers not want to compain, (which is likely the point).They don’t want corporate reading negative posts about ther services, & are trying to start an intimidation game, with customers. You should speak with a cilvil rights attorney, & find out what if any, repercussions you may have, & follows up!Good Luck!

to DM_Mac #1481917

Thank you! It's nice to read a positive comment.


You are what makes the world a miserable place at times. You have no compassion or respect for other human beings. It's all about you princess isn't it?SMH

to Anonymous #1465152

At least I don't mind letting people who I am and what they need to look out for when filing complaints.. I'm not hiding behind an anonymous name. Chicken s#*t..

to Lisa #1468863

Well you are half correct. I am a transgender female, making the full change over to being a male.

to LadyScot #1466659

Poor pitiful pathetic individual. You are far from being a lady.

to Lisa53 #1468992

Funny how in your post you claim it was the wait time and food yet do not mention anything about a manager acting rudely or inappropriate dress but you use this as a justification later. Which is it?

Wait time and unsatisfactory food our are you just continually making situations up? Also who are you to tell ANYONE that they are not lady enough when you yourself do NOT act like a lady. Hello kettle,’did you know you’re black? Calling someone a chicken s@@t because they don’t put a name in is pretty low on the list of reasons to call someone that.

It really sounds like you just have a personal grudge against that store.

You do realize that they have figured your grand plan out already. Which is why no one wants to talk with you at the corporate level.


Wow you’re a real pos getting someone fired!

to Anonymous #1463580

No im not.... The company is a pos for hiring individuals that dont folliw company policy...

to Lisa #1464793

Agreed with you. The company customers service are horrible.


popes in Bensalem on street road is the worst. license and Inspection should be notified of unclean conditions.

food to salty. customer service lousy. I can see why management has changed numerous of times. Now the Indians have taken over trying to save a few bucks .

I think it should be put on twitter and Instagram. The public should be warned.


They have the right to refuse service to anyone they wish and there is t a thing you can do about it, it’s THEIR RIGHT!! When you cause waves sometimes it’s you that drowns.

I think the employee has every right to be upset with you. You cost them their job over something that was petty on your part. But you justify your actions because YOU are the customer. Well there are repercussions for your actions, positive and negative.

YOU CHOSE that battle you can’t now whine about the collateral damages. There is a right way to handle employee issues and you went the wrong way with it. It must make you feel so powerful to have cost someone the ability to feed themselves and their family. It doesn’t bother YOU that children will go hungry because YOU had a hair up your posterior.

Typical trashy consumer. Go away

to Durpa #1452280

What an idiot you are.. You want,your,personal info out for all to see??

What class you have! Poor dummy!

to Durpa #1452358

They didn't refuse service to me.. The manager was mad at an employee that clearly wasn t doing his job.

The manager started throwing apple,lies at the employee. His pants were hanging,to his knees almost. And then the whole order was wrong...

Read the review and understand it before you assume that the customer was rude... You must be a worker for popeyes.

to Durpa #1464836

They did not refuse to serve me, but I now refuse to go into another popeyes ever... They gave this employee my personal information to which he contacted and threatened me and my home, violated THEIR privacy act, and now won't call me back.

I have spent a good bit of money in their restaurants. As far as the employee goes, the manager on duty was throwing pies at him to get his attention.

If I or someone else had gotten hit by one then would you say they had the right to act like that?? It obivious you must be an employee of the establishment.


8 months into this complaint and calling corporate weekly and still can't get anyone to call me back. I will never visit this company again. They do not care one bit about their customers.

to Lisa Minyard #1464795

I sent several emails and they never receive anything back. They are horrible.

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