431 S Belair Rd, Martinez, GA 30907, USA
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Thats exactly what i did when i visited the popeyes in Martinez,Ga. Service, wait time and food was unsatisfactory.

I did what any unhappy customer would do. Well they took my complaint, fired an employee, and then gave them the report with all my personal info on it. Name, address and phone number. This ex employee then contacts me and tells me he has all my information!!

Popeyes denies this of course, but i have the proof. Now they wont return my calls!

Product or Service Mentioned: Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen Customer Care.

Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen Cons: I did not like the very poor quality of the food, Management and the employees.

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I love popeyes, but some employees just take the joy out of the food!! You look at some of their faces and you don't even want to touch the food.

Most employees need to learn customer service!! They don't even speak correctly for you to understand what the *** they talking about!!!


Had same bad experience today at Darasota location. Rude employee and overcharged me $14.00 for a $10 posed meal.

Who does that??? She was awful


Minnors force to cook. Breaks State and Federal Laws. Wvc, Ut


The last place to work, lol. Unhappy employess bring unhappy Customers. Fools


I just wanna know why does Popeyes charge for gravy when ordering tenders. I was in Eagle Pass, Tx where I didn’t get charged but when I came home to New Braunfels Tx I was charged.

If the gravy is only being used for mashed potatoes why can’t it be free to customers ordering tenders as a dipping sauces. Please Expkain


They should also give it to you for free to use for dipping your biscuits in!


Very rude Manager at the Jessup location in md his name is Stanley his was loud yelling at my because I wanted to ask for sauce before my order was completed he wanted me to hurry and move from the drive before I finish telling them my order so soooo Rude if you go today you will see what I mean he still work there treating customers like ***

@Jessup MD

Sounds like Stanley should be working at a Soup Kitchen or a Homeless Shelter instead, where that sort of behavior is considered o be acceptable. That's why I always prefer to stay at places where they have "Bible Thumpers", because they tend to treat you with more dignity and respect that your typical Homeless Shelter.


I think that Popeye's should come out with a campaign that you get a free Apple Pie with every meal ordered. Sales would soar and would more than make up for the cost of the free pies. It could be a special deal where it would be "for the month of April only, celebrate spring with a hot delicious apple pie with every meal ordered!"


My sister and I were attacked physically by a manager and another employee at the Popeyes in Richmond Tx. Called corporate 30 times and still haven’t gotten back with me either it’s been months now. I have pictures of the damage they’ve done.


I'm sorry you had to go thru that.. I can personally tell you that I called corporate every week for over a year with no response.

I hope they contact you and get this resolved. Contact an attorney..

I will never visit another Popeyes. Good luck to you.


Case # P5GHW I find it incredibly stingy and short sighted of you to not offer me compensation of some kind. I will report this incident of poor product an poor response to corporate.


Im going to be putting together a class action lawsuite for the same problems


I went today at 9:45pm and were told that I couldn’t get half the food I ordered because they were closing at 10pm. This is the 3rd time I’ve been there and have gone threw the same thing. I’m so irritated with Popeyes


Please let me know if you do!! lminyard5@gmail.com


they can not reply because of the llegality of the matter.


Popeye's are cheap bastards want to take your money and don't fix there wrongs.They too high I get my chicken from publix who value there customers.....public chicken ànd publix. A class act Popeye's chicken takers and cheap cheap run from the *** chicken coop.


I went to the New Popeye's on Martin Luther king drive in AtlantA Ga ordered Black eye peas had water in a bowl f soup no peas *** Paid 25.00 for the 14 piece special dark with one white meat got a box full of wings one drum stick. Called into the corporate office these m.f took my complaintno call back.

Called again with another complaint no call again.January 2019. I'm done with Pop3s chien restaurants ànd corporate a bunch of cheap bastards.


$10.00 hr. Will not get you good service


I have to wait 15 mins asked for a courtesy Drink I was told that I cannot get because he told it would be 25 mins wait before he took my money .I said i haven't heard of that .so I asked the manager he said they have to asked him first is really bad customer service and I know it's not true because I have not allowed Popeyes chicken and I've never had this experience before whoever the manager district managers need to train them better this is terrible I'm at 9540 Lake June Road .

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