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Thats exactly what i did when i visited the popeyes in Martinez,Ga. Service, wait time and food was unsatisfactory.

I did what any unhappy customer would do. Well they took my complaint, fired an employee, and then gave them the report with all my personal info on it. Name, address and phone number. This ex employee then contacts me and tells me he has all my information!!

Popeyes denies this of course, but i have the proof. Now they wont return my calls!

Review about: Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen Customer Care.

I didn't like: I did not like the very poor quality of the food, Management and the employees.

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**** UPDATE*** I have yet to speak with corporate. I filled out the complaint form and it asks for,email address and name for future contact.

It also states in their privacy act that all personal Information is kept CONFIDENTIAL. I by no means wanted to get anyone fired over this complaint. I just want corporate to tell me why my info was leaked.

To all that agree and support my complaint, thanks. To others that feel I had it coming, well I pray it never happens to you.


They are over priced for what they give you. Also rude staff.

When a managers tell her staff push it along, when customers are asking question very rude. 8 piece chicken only cost me 16 dollard just crazy and not good.


I agree you post a lot of personal information online. You brag about getting someone getting someone fired. You DID have it coming to you

to MoralBeaver845 #1552951

Never bragged about someone getti,g fired.... I complained about the workers, the food, and the service.

It was the manager on duty that gave him my personal info. All I'm saying is to be aware of filing complaints with them.

Especially if it's a complaint about a worker. Its not very comforting to know a disgruntled employee has your personal info.


If your not a people person don't work with the public.

to Anonymous #1586155

I agree


Your complaint cost someone their job, you had it coming to you. Besides most likely they did not give you your personal information.

Most likely you left enough information or them to find out who you are. IF you are foolish enough to leave your name and state and city in your review anyone can find out your information.

to GiftedRiverTurtle #1551587

Complaints are necessary if a person feels like they received poor customer service. If threaten by a ex/employee you should file an complaint with the local police dept.

Never think for a second that a person has it coming to them.

People with the worst attitudes work with the public. Subjects the employee to the proper consequences from the employer.

to Anonymous #1551715

They do have it coming to them. If they are vicious to get someone fired they had it coming to them.

Besides the OP admitted that she lied about getting bad service because she was hoping or a gift card.

She lied, got someone fired because she wanted a gift card. She had it coming.

to GiftedRiverTurtle #1553818

I don't work with the public. I was a paying customer.

And gift card?? WTH you talking about?? I didn't get this employee fired, he got his self fired by not doing his JOB. I haven't lied about any of this.

I even told corporate the manager was throwing pies at this employee. Personally I feel the manager should have been fired too.

to GiftedRiverTurtle #1571931

Had it coming because someone paid their hard earned money for someone to be rude in a customer service industry that can't seem to read a screen and get orders right and when someone goes in and complains that their order is wrong that person loses their job and then you say that he had it coming maybe you work in a customer service industry fast food restaurant trying to back them. SMH.


I won't walk into the place in Midland, TX ever again and neither will my family and friends. I'm very afraid of posting this according to what I've heard.


They'll soon be out of business.


I visited your Popeyes in Mission Viejo, CA a few days ago and paid almost $8 for the worst meal I ever got. I ordered the four piece chicken box and a side of coleslaw.

The chicken was overcooked and dry, there was some black stuff smeared all over the back of it, and the coleslaw was very warm, making it a health hazard. I had to throw my whole dinner in the trash. I would like a refund.

So disappointed--I've been a big fan of your food for years, and this was unacceptable. DonnaChick


Is this like when you call 911 to me an anonymous report and the police come to your House.


i totally agree with the person that was pissed ...cust service in this country has gone to h....... i had a simiular expience in one fo thier stores


Annonymous..... When a company gives out your personal information and you get threats towards yourself and your home you will never understand what this post is about.

I'm no princess and never claimed to be. I work. I work hard. I pay my taxes and when I go to a resturant I just want good service.

I've been to this place SEVERAL times in the past. I've had issues with them, but never complained. This time I had to. You are making yourself sound as if you work there and that it's the norm for this place.

I'm done having a *** contest with you. What they did was wrong.

And I'd complain again if it happens again anywhere I go. Work ethics have left us and it's because of millenials like yourself.

to Lisa #1480110

Not only is what they dd unethical, but it’s also illegal! I can’t believe anyone is calling you out, because someone got fired, & was given your name.

Obviously this ex-employee had more than one complaint, or they wouldn’t have been fired. You have no way of knowing if this person has acted aggressively at work before, or otherwise!

That will really discourage other unhappy customers not want to compain, (which is likely the point).They don’t want corporate reading negative posts about ther services, & are trying to start an intimidation game, with customers. You should speak with a cilvil rights attorney, & find out what if any, repercussions you may have, & follows up!Good Luck!

to DM_Mac #1481917

Thank you! It's nice to read a positive comment.

to Lisa #1551712

A positive response that somehow has the same IP address as the original letter.

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