There are long waits because of staff shortage which is understandable. The one time I went, I waited almost 50 minutes and maybe 2 cars in line moved.

At least 4 food delivery people had gone inside the store to pick up orders. I finally got tired of waiting and left. The next time, only 4 cars were in line so I tried again. After 20 min.

2 cars moved. The car in front sat there for a little over 5 minutes then yelled hello. After a couple of minutes a lady came around the corner and told him "we're done". He left and as I pulled up she said it to me.

I left and went to a different food place. As I passed by Popeye's on my way home, there were about 3 cars in line waiting. A sign should have been put up to let people know they closed early.

That is just uncalled for, to let people sit in line waiting to finally find out they shut down for the night. I haven't been back since.waitWait until

User's recommendation: Wait until staffing issues are fixed before going.

Location: Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

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