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I went to popeyes in laurel with my five year old son to grab dinner and eat inside around 10:15. I urgently had to use the bathroom and so did my son Ramesh.

I proceeded to the bathroom and noticed the door ajar. It was being cleaned by Shaila. I was stopped from entering because she said she was cleaning the bathroom. I was shocked because normally they will step aside for you to use it.

I went to use the mens bathroom because its a single stall and was stopped again stating u can't use it because its for men. I told her my son is a male so I went in. I was going to let my son use it first and then have him wait outside while I used it but I could no longer hold it so i dropped my scarf, purse and coat on the floor because there

Was nothing to hand my items on. I had to tell my son move because I was urinating on myself and I had to bend over and use the bathroom in front of him.

My son hasn't seen me on the toilet since he was 2 so he was shocked and humiliated also.

Then I reported it to the manager Jaya and another employee. So me and my son ate in my car because I had soiled myself.

Product or Service Mentioned: Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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No one cares.... Buy a box of depends you selfish @#$#.

How dare you expect someone to stop working because you can't handle yourself. Stay at home or buy the appropriate undergarments and stop expecting others to bend to your singular needs.

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