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Manager Charrisa at 14 mile Van *** Sterling Heights,MI was very RUDE &;;;;;;;;;;;;; unprofessional.

First only exact change or card only !! Ordered 12 piece meal gave me 9 thighs 1 wing 1 leg & 1 brest, I complained about all the thighs, I thought you get 3 of each part.

She said I should have specified my pieces & they werent dropping anymore chicken & were closing!!!( Never heard them closing at 5pm) . No refunds no accommodations no anything. I just spent $30.00 . I said we are calling the Police.

$30.00 for a box of thighs! Unreal!!!!

User's recommendation: Not returning. Bad customer service from a manager!

Monetary Loss: $30.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen Pros: Great food.

Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen Cons: Bad & unprofessional manger, Poor management.

Location: 33900 Van Dyke Avenue, Sterling Heights, MI 48312

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You should be given a Fool Refund.


I did call the police and they were useless. They arrest me instead for hitting an old man with a cane.

I was so angry that I took my anger out on him. He was not moving fast enough so I pushed him. I called the police on the restaurant the hotel i was staying at called the police on me. I was arrested for calling 911and hitting this stupid crippled man.

I was kicked out of the hotel and did not get a chance to eat my food this is why I need a full refund and the hotel is not refunded my money even though they kicked me out the first nite.if they do not refunded me they also owe me $99 and tax for the hotel.

My mom kicked me out of the house because I got into an argument with her and slapped her. She said I need 2 cool down Ori find my place and mov out.

@Elia Wmw

You're a complete bus wreck Learn how to act in public


Learn how to act, period.


If the OP is going to call people stupid they should at least learn proper grammar. This kid needs mommy to give them a good slap across the face.


$30 dollars for a box of thighs,you & Popeyes Crazy as *** !!! I eat breast & wings, not 9 goddam thighs.

Were l’m from you get 3 of each part of the chicken of a 12 piece. Stupid!


Also I hope the police arrest you for wasting their time for a stupid call.

@Kelliann Vei

Unless she is one of those idiots who called 911 because a restaurant fudged up their order they are not going to arrest the OP. If for example she just called the police none emergency she they will probably tell her her options, that she can either return her food and get a refund.

But if they ate the food they are not going to get a refund. The police will say that it is the restaurant's decision and they cannot force them to return food that was already consumed. The police cannot do a thing if she actually did call them. Even if she is stupid enough to dial 911, they may not arrest her if there is no emergency elsewhere.

The police have better things to do than to deal with Karen here. Or Ken if he is male.

@Kelliann Vei

Not likely unless she was dumb enough to call 911.

@Deborah Tep

This person is dumb. They have poor grammar skills. They are dumb.

@Kelliann Vei

For example if she called the emergency number they will most likely just side with the restaurant since she ate the food. Usually the police do not take much time out of their hands to deal with entitled Karen's or Ken's if the OP is male. So unless she is one of those idiots who dials 911 for bad service, they won't do a thing.


You ate the food so you should not get are full refund. I you cannot afford to eat out then don't. Visit a soup kitchen or something.

@Kelliann Vei

Never ate the food Stupid this *** all happened in the drive Thur , didn’t even make it home.


You did eat it liar.


WTF the police to address issues with chicken?? Why should you get a refund, did you not take the children?

No you ate it and want free food. You should eat home more.


When a person cannot afford to feed themselves they make up any reason to get a free refund. They do not need to.

There are many organizations that can help them. Soup kitchens, food drives ect.

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