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At about 11:24 PM tonight I went to the Popeyes on Durand to receive a three piece meal all white and there’s a huge bug in my food I called the store back to inform them but it seem like the person that put the food in there was also the person that I just talk to which is the manager I think that’s the only person there to close the store most likely she told me that the stores about to close so come back tomorrow and that’s fine as I most likely will call the store in the morning but It just seems a little odd that I have a freshly killed a bug in my food I don’t know how she couldn’t of seen this maybe it’s because I came at 11:24 so damn short it’s probably close to the store closing time but that is not an excuse for the quality of my food this is ridiculous I’m hungry and I love your food but this is just wrong

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Monetary Loss: $11.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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Don't worry, he didn't eat much ... congratulations ; that is the longest unpunctuated sentence I've read here all day.

Instead of Popeye's, perhaps you should attend remedial English classes.

They'll also teach you words that will express displeasure without resorting to swear words on a family friendly website such as this. Stop cussing and learn to cook.

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