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I waited in line for over 35 minutes before a customer who waited just as long came out of the drive thru to tell me the fryers were down and wouldnt be up for at least 30 more minutes. Why wouldnt they have someone outside or put a sign up?

My next experience was waiting in line for 10 minutes to get to the box to place my order and the girl inside says cash only! I had cash and waited another 7 minutes to be next. I waited at the window ready to pay for another 6 minutes. Finally, I get my order and say thank you and the girl who was wearing a half top (navel showing) closes the door and doesnt even acknowledge me.


Unprofessional. I love Popeyes and feel bad for the franchise name having an operation run so unprofessionally.

User's recommendation: Not worth the very long wait.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen Pros: Great food.

Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen Cons: Terrible customer service.

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When someone like you acts like a child they have no right calling grown women girls.

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