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I love Popeyes chicken and also their cajun rice. My biggest pet peeve is ordering chicken and it's cold.

Who wants to eat cold chicken? Well, this particular Popeyes in Fort Worth, Tx is the worst. But the closest to me. The people are rude and always have an attitude.

I had went and ordered a 3 piece chicken meal with all wings and cajun rice for the side. The person didn't read back my order and just gave me the total. I get to the window and she gives me all dark meat and red beans and rice for the side. So she fixed the side and told me they were out of wings.

Mind you it's 1:30 in the afternoon. We get to the point that they don't want to cook any. So I told her that is what I ordered and what I expected to get. She told me it would take 10 minutes and asked if I wanted shrimp instead!

Some nerve, I said no I wanted the wings. She gave a huge sigh and reexplained that it would take 10 minutes. I'm thinking with all the argument I would've had the chicken by now. So I waited close to 20 minutes for them to make the chicken.

Then she said she was sorry and that she added an extra biscuit which happened to be burnt.

She gave nothing but attitude and could have made it a lot easier by just doing her job.

Location: Fort Worth, Texas

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14 Nov 2011, Popeye's in Laurel, MS.

I placed my order at 2:54PM. The shrimp sandwich was good, however, the staff is the rudest that I have ever encountered.

This is not my first visit to this fast food resteraunt. I would go more often but am so dissatisfied with the staff, I can't stomach going more than a couple of times a year. The staff has never, I mean never, said please or thankyou. They will be speaking with other staff rather than give the customer their full attention.

When she hands me my meal I say thankyou whereas she turns away without acknowledging my existance or saying "you're welcome". I observed other staff getting their meals and sitting in the customer area cutting up (you can hear this thru the drive-thru window. I believe Popeyes management needs to send secret shoppers to this resteraunt to verify my experience....they will agree with me 100 percent.

I am so disgusted that I will never eat in the Laurel MS Popeye's again. Most of the staff needs to be fired, especially the supervisor who allows this behavior during their watch.


This is so typical of Popeye's employees.

I recently just had my last bad experience there. I will simply eat at other chicken restaurants from now on.I have never seen such rude or dumb employees. Bad enough to put up w/ the attitude, then to not ever get correct order.

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