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me and my wife visited popeyes in palatka fl and to make a long story short was told we hade to leave because the store didnt open for three minutes but the doors were unlocked manager had her entire family in there(which at the moment we didnt know was her family,and when i aske for her name was cussed at and then told that she had her whole family in this bitch,was asked why am i doing all this over some f---in fried chicken go ahead and call my boss,and as we were leaving was called a CRACKER A__. called corporate and the girl who took the report never even mentioned the racial slurr in the report and i still havent heard a thing from them.

Product or Service Mentioned: Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen Manager.

Reason of review: manager throwing racial slurrs.

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me also everytime I talk to someone all I get is that it is being investigated,and yes if the roles had been reversed my wife would have been bailing me out of jail and your right it would be all over the web how I was racist.


Had the roles been reversed and you called her a racial slur, such as the N word, this would have gone viral and been all over the news. Too bad you didn't get her on camera.

I'd continue calling corporate.

You could also try sending a letter of complaint to the President, via certified mail. I wouldn't let this issue go.

to Anonymous #1481924

oh by no means going to let it go. all you ever hear is about people being racist towards them,well its high time people see that its them that incite all the tension between races.

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