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I was refused food and service because I requested food close-by closing time. Employees had no food prepared (not a single piece of chicken) and was not willing to cook ANY food I asked for.

I was treated very disrespectfully. My business was very clearly unwanted the employees made it very clear that they were done for the day and wanted to go home even though the store was still within hours of operation . I asked the supervisor her name because I wanted to report the incident she pulled her badge off slammed it on the counter rolled her eyes and said "that's my name". She didn't realize but I took photos of her badge after she slammed it down and the empty heating areas that held NO food other then seemingly 6 or 8 dried out tenders and two dried out biscuits.

I wasted time gas and energy to walk into a place be blatantly disrespected and leave without service. My experience at Popeye's in Olney, MD was simply awful and unacceptable .

Product or Service Mentioned: Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Go home and cook...it's better for you.


Cashiers don't know how to deal with customers. They're giving us less food and then the food is very cold. Someone should check this bramalea mall,25 peel center location as soon as possible.


At several of the restaurants I worked in while paying for nursing school they cook for you if you come in at least 20 minutes before close. You don't know how many hours they have worked.

Many have worked 9-12 hour shifts. I personally worked 14 hours one day and had someone come in 5 minutes before closing and threw a fit because they couldn't get a burger.

Sorry they want to go home after they spent all day standing and cooking for rude customers like you.Also cleaning starts 1-2 hours before closing and the machines get cut off 5-20 minutes before closing since cleaning takes 30 minutes to 2 hours . It's your fault, not theirs.


Sorry, I worked plenty of food industry in my life and business hours are in place for a reason. You are not supposed to start closing down or breaking down until the doors are locked officially at specified closing time.

I don't know how and when all these spoiled brats think that store hours are employee hours. Not the fact. Be thankful you have a job. And furthermore that manager should be fired.

How rude.

She should deflect a problem , not escalate it. If i was this regional magional I would make periodical checks an hour before closing and start firing!!!!


TUH and then you would have a VERY high turnover with your company then. You are that very customer I DREAD!

Its called consideration.

Yes hours are set,but yet use common sense to know they will start preparing to close. BE MINDFUL!


That's funny you think I'm a he bc of the name this site gave me. And I'm not the customer.

I don't even patronize fast food restaurants at all just for that same mentality of thier employees. I only made comments I'm not the complaint person. But I'm right. Like I stated earlier, If they wanted you to close earlier there would be earlier closing times.

If you hire the right manager then the turn over rate wouldn't be any different than normal. That manager was wrong. She set the tone for her store. Now they have pissed consumers that won't return.

So go cry to the owner of your fast food job and tell them that sob story and see what happens. Bet you get your walking papers and be beating the streets looking for another job again.


He's A CRYBABY! This is SUCH an outrage on my life that I cant get a piece of FAT at 5 minutes before closing.

He is that customer.....BEWARE!

He would call cooperate all week to complain for that free piece of chicken...lol!!!! I'm sure he was a pure jerk about it.


I've worked in fast food and if a customer walks in 1 second until close we are supposed to service them no matter what. Cleaning happened after close.About an hour until close we would shut down half the grill, all but 1 fryer etc to service those customers if we were slow but the manager had labor built in for 30 min to 1 hr after the close of the store and if you worked closing you knew you were going to be there extra time once the store was locked up.I mean, it takes prep time before a store opens and it takes extra time to full shutdown after closing.


Yes! you are absolutely right!

But this is not their attitude it it has happened to me more then one time. If you walk in anytime after 9:00pm you are serviced with must attitude. and they blatantly tell you that their are times on the menu you can have or they express that the wait time to make the items would be really long. The horrible service almost puts you in a state of disbelief.

I have never experienced such a feeling of unwanted service in my life. its really sad.


I know all about opening and closing restaurants and that sounds like a spoiled brat that that doesnt deserve a job. Give that job to the foreigner who is willing to work to feed his family!!! And fire that under 25 year old brat who doesn't know business from *** in the ground.


"work to feed his family!!!" But not get to see them because someone like you will show up 1 minute to close. When will you people learn people in these places can't go above their hours or they can lose their jobs.

Choice-Serve inconsiderate fool who shows up when they want and lose job Choice-Do your job through the day ,lose one whiner and keep job.

Only an @#shole shows up right at close and expect to be served. So sad that you snowflakes validate yourself by abusing the "help."


RIGHT!!!! I'm loving these comments on customers that NOT always right.


ALL restaurants have a set time where they have to throw away food and get to cleaning everything before they close. You obviously were raised to think that you're special and don't have to abide by the rules.

I'm sure getting in your car and driving SO far away as you claim was so difficult for your lard ***. Who eats something fried that late at night anyway???


You are very wrong. You are not to "shut down" the restaurant "before" you close.

That makes absolutely no sense.

And I don't believe I was asking to much by entering into a restaurant "before" closing time and wanting to order food. How is that wrong mam?


you should have called the corporate office. I noticed that all Popeyes employees have bad attitudes and bad customer service. I like Ms Winners, in Atlanta GA.


I agree every popeyes I visited had some sort of attitude. Cook your own damn food bottom line.

Its healthier and you dont have to worry about these "brats" preparing your food. I have recently given up fast food....recent experience a manager at Rally's shoots a customer. After I witnessed that I'm done. Now a days you go into fast food joints that are full of kids, loud and unprofessional.

The managers are just as bad...most just want to be a manager to "sport" the title,but their personality don't match. Soon the robots will replace them....Machine operated food....Stay tuned.


"close-by closing time"

So let me get this straight, you decided to bop in, right before closing and expected people to stop cleaning up for the night and fry you some bird.

Your thought your little change and business was reason enough for these people to not get home to whatever it is they work for just for you.


That's not how it works.

Come in before the place shuts down, you get what you get and don't throw a fit if you're luck or you leave.

Your little selfish act could have meant the difference between tucking a kid in for the night, catching a ride home etc. Please do you reproduce you selfish @#$#


Yes, if a customer comes in 30 seconds before closing, they should be waited on. Your comments show that you are one of those people who have no work ethic.

Part of the fault is the employer's as well, if the employer expects the employee to clean up before closing time. It is also a big problem with today's workforce that they do not understand that a shift of A to B means you are able to immediately start work at A - not show up, not check your phone, not go to the bathroom, but able to start work at exactly starting time, and work until B - not start getting ready early, not refuse to work because it's 'too close' to ending time. It is people like you that are ruining the planet for the people willing to work for a living, and it's sickening that you have the nerve to use a kid as an excuse. People who genuinely care about their kids do their jobs and take care of their kids both, without blowing either one off.

I run a small business and if the time is ONE second before closing and a customer walks in, I will attempt to accommodate them. No, I won't wait unlimited time after closing, but I know of no business that expects its employees to walk out the door at the posted closing time. Employees are just lazy and incompetent and leave whenever they feel like it. That is why we have businesses that end their working hours at 2 a.m.

but the employees all walk out at 7 p.m. That is also why I see businesses with these very same employees not open at posted opening time, and when the employees finally show up 30 minutes late or more the first thing they do is adjust the clock back.

It IS how that works. Employers do not pay the employees to leave early and refuse to work. And this is not a sit down restaurant that takes an hour to make food.

Throw a few pieces of chicken in and cook it. That is, after all, the job - to sell the customer food that is present in the building while the building is open.


"I run a small business"


Who cares if you run a small business.

No one but you.

Just in case you didn't know, these people do not own the business, they're not going to stick around because your selfish little buns wants them to stick around an hour or more just to clean up for you.

Another think your thimble mind isn't taking in consideration is they have hour limits. Go over the hours and they can lose their jobs.

Once again, they're not losing their jobs for you. What a child you are.


America: where children don't just run businesses, they want to run your life, too!

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