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Horrible service no food. My husband and I and just myself have been there at least 7 to 10 times and not one time have we been able to get something to eat.

They always say that theyre only allowed three people as help theyre hateful, they never have food cooked so they tell you youll have to wait 30 minutes if you want some food but theyre about ready to close cause theyre slow. Or they use the excuse theyre so busy they dont have any food. Its ridiculous someone needs to get in there and change that thing over. I used to be a manager of a store.

If I ran it like that We wouldnt have been open a month. Just read your reviews youll see Im not the only one complaining. I do not have a receipt because I havent been able to buy anything.

They messed up my order about a year ago I had that receipt but every time I took it up there they wouldnt fix it they told me they would on the phone. So I threw it away.

User's recommendation: It’s a joke! Don’t waste your time.

Location: Fayetteville, Arkansas

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Not to mention the explosive diarrhea that you get from the spicy chicken. It drains the life out of you having to diarrhea so much.

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