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NI was at the Popeyes chicken in Shorter Alabama and I buy a cajon chicken and I started shocking and can’t breathe and no one even tried to help me inside the restaurant and I was told that I can’t get shocked with the cajon chicken and l’m inside the restaurant and everyone was watching me and the workers didn’t do nothing and the customers 2 trucks driver’s help me out. And l called to Complain to the corporate office but they are even worse they just ignored me l ended up to see a doctor and now l’m having a appointment with A GI Doctor to see what going on with my Thoat because for a week’s l can’t eat a hard food only soft food’s all l want them to do the right thing to help me pay my Doctor bills and pay my suffering because I have a fever after I get home l have to take a pain medicine and every time I call l can’t get a correct answer and finally they finally answer all l get is apology and hoping l will be back to their restaurant again l don’t think so because they are not a good Company they don’t care about their customers all they care is Money l’m 74 years old Lady and have a double bypass and l die shocking and coughing so bad inside the restaurant and l never got a help and one more thing the man that works at the drive through he even tried to cheat me with a change he tried to short change me a $5.00 l have to explain to him all l have is $10.00 cash he finally gives it to me and when I was inside the restaurant shocking and coughing l find out he was the manager his name is Willie Keeton and he’s Boss name is Leishton Deiskall l ask them to write their name when l start feeling better and the Restaurant address is Popeyes Chicken #1311* -***-Main st.Shorter Alabama 36075 and when l asked for the Corporate office phone number he gives me the Bonso Billing’s number l hope l can resuble this problem to them because right now l’m having a hard time trying to to talk to them thanks NatyHorejs

User's recommendation: No l will not going to recommend this Popeyes Chicken to anyone they are not a good company.

Location: Albuquerque, New Mexico

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