Went to one of your locations on Page boulevard in St Louis Missouri we ordered three pieces of chicken regular recipe we got home there was spicy we tried calling the store there was no answer I drove back to the store had to wait in line because there was a line at the window and the Walker kitchen was closed waited 7 minutes and then line share it with the girl I was bringing chicken back because they had given me spicy instead of regular chicken also share with her I wanted to order a chicken sandwich she said drive-thru got to the window gave the chicken and the receipt back to the girl share but the guy that I wanted three regular pieces of chicken he said it would be 15 minutes because they only had one oven working shared with him I didn't want to wait in 15 to 20 minutes for chicken he charged me for the chicken sandwich I bought he said he couldn't give me a refund because the purchase was made at 5:45 and now it was 7:10 after 7 p.m. he said pull over I pulled over he never came to my car after I will sit there after 15 minutes he never came and said anything I went back to the window he said he couldn't give me the refund his general manager would be there tomorrow I asked me for my receipt I am very dissatisfied the chicken sandwich we bought it was not a crispy piece of chicken my wife end up throwing it away so I am very dissatisfied I shouldn't say never but I will tell and continue to tell people my experience at Popeye's

User's recommendation: Nothing positive to say about Popeyes at the present time.

Location: Saint Louis, Missouri

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Start eating at home.. Problem solved. You're not getting free food.


Are you a complete idiot or what?! Nowhere in the complaint did the person ask for free food! You need remedial reading classes!

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