I recently visited a Popeyes restaurant one night through the drive thru. The female employee was simply out ignorant.

Before I began ordering, she began telling me they only had chicken and a few of their sides were not available. Ok, no problem. I began ordering asking for a chicken strip meal and she immediately cut me off replying that they dont have those. I then asked if they had the chicken nuggets.

She replied, no. Now I am confused because at the beginning she stated they had chicken. So to me, chicken strips and nuggets are both chicken items. I told the employee I was confused about what they did and didnt have.

She then began repeating what she said at the beginning stressing that they only have chicken, etc but when speaking she was speaking in a manner as if I was dumb by speaking slowly and in a was that was totally unacceptable. I then left. I dont have time to deal with ignorant people. If she is unhappy with her job, she should do something about it.

Thats not my problem. In other words, dont take out your frustrations on me and learn how to express what you have and dont have so that purple understand better.

Acting ignorant only makes you look crazy. I will never visit that store again located in Southfield, Michigan on Telegraph Road near 12 Mile.

User's recommendation: Don’t visit this location. I have had other issues with this location but this experience took the cake.

Preferred solution: Apology.

Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen Cons: Bad customer service, Disrespectful.

Location: Telegraph Road, Southfield, MI 48034

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