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When ordering at Popeyes Hwy 84 in Dothan, Alabama today I saw they were advertising a special for their 9pc chicken meal. This special was posted on the pre-menu board &;; again on the main computer menu board for $19.99.

I began my order advising I wanted one of these specials but when the price appeared on the board it said $22.99. I figured it would adjust maybe after I completed order but it did not. I then asked why it was showing $22.99 instead of $19.99, the worker stated, Thats just what it rings up. So do you still want it or not?

Umm.... well I want it for what it is advertised for in 2 different places. I asked her if she didnt know how to fix it maybe the manager could fix it so they wouldnt have this confusion in the future. Manager came up & said well thats what it rings up so I dont know what we can do about it.

Its not our problem. Really?! Lol. I realized no one here was educated enough on their jobs or computer system to know what they were doing!

Its sad. I mean apparently you can advertise whatever you want but if you want the product youll pay what it rings up!

I have never filed any type of complaint anywhere just to let you know how bad this was! Im sure there are some good people who work here just not given the training or knowledge needed to successfully run this business with the customer service it should have.

User's recommendation: Just say no.

Monetary Loss: $3.

Preferred solution: To invest in better customer service training.

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