on 13th January, 4 of my friend went to eat Popeyes chicken and we ordered a large fries. When we received our order I asked to the cashier, if she has given us the large fries because it seemed like it was medium size.

However, she replied yes and she also stated that, their was no fries at this time. so we offered her that we would wait for the fresh fries to come in and then we will take it. But than she replied again that the fries she had given us it's fresh. So, I didn't say anything after that.

I took the order and we ate in the dinner and then we left. when we went back on the January 19th again, I went again to order for food, it was the same person who was taking order and she was the store manager I believe her name was Walida or Walia something similar to that. As I was giving her my order in the middle of the order she interrupt me and stated that we came last week and left our "***" on the table. for a second I was shocked and lost then I realize that she was talking to me in a very inappropriate way.

even though I was upset but I was still calm and I tried to informed her that she is not supposed to talk to customer like that. However, she was still behaving very rudely. however, I still order for 14 dollar and she was giving me the receipt with no eye contact.Later another employee came to us and was trying to explain the situation by "comparing us with a homeless".

So, we really felt insulted by this behavior.

Location: New York, New York

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The last time we ate there we spent more than we usually spend at a fast food restaurant and left hungry because of the small sizing. We went across the street to another chicken restaurant and finished dinner. They are a rip off now!


Sure thing ***!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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