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I was leaving Cleveland and I had always wanted to try Popeye's, because I love chicken and the commercials made it look so good, so I decided to stop and get some dinner. Immediately after eating it, I did not feel well at all.

I got home about 40 minutes later and ended up throwing up for several hours afterwards! Really sad, too, because the chicken was actually quite good, but it literally made me sick! And no, it was not the flu or any illness.

I wasn't sick before or after (the next day). Sad to say that I will never eat there again.

Monetary Loss: $12.

Location: Cleveland, Ohio

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Ahh,I am having the same problem.We went to west virginia.There was Poopeys and down the street was KFC.Wife wanted KFC And I wanted to try Poopeys.I got my way and had to wait for a half hour and part of the order was missing.Now both of us has the runs.


Here lately when I eat at Popeyes I end up nauseous or throwing up . It use to not bother me . I’m thinking it’s the oil they fry in but something is different .


Same for me on two separate occasions. I don’t even get but a few bites down and it starts.

I will be sick for several hours. Vomiting as if I had eaten a huge meal when in reality I only ate a very little.

Don’t get it. Just know I won’t do it a third time.


Just had the new Tabasco strips at around 1pm and up 1am throwing up cramps and #2


How can something that tastes so good make you sick? First time it ever happened, thought I would die.


What did you have?




Agreed. I was starving late night and tried it.

It was acceptable for fast food but within an hour I was feeling sick to my stomach. Se real weeks later, tried it again. Same result. Third try with same results confirms I won’t be trying again.

I know it’s not MSG for me because MSG is highly misunderstood.

I cook with it with no problems. So it must be the oil.


I have the same problem I NEVER have problems when I eat any food. But when I eat popeyes i get sick everytime I eat it I'll throw up several times, then for the next 3 to 12 hrs I'll have dirarrea.

Never fails.

I thought it was just coincidence at first so i waited a week went back because I I like their chicken and same problem. Been several times since still the same


Same here! I LOVED popeyes and ate it for years.

All of a sudden in 2009 whenever I ate it I became sick. Same symptoms you're having. I was thinking about trying it again, and that's how I came across this thread.

After about 3 occurrences I finally stopped eating it. Guess I won't be trying it again lol.


Most of Popeye's food contains, Monosodium Glutimate (MSG) which causes fatigue. Many Asian fast food places also put MSG in their food as a flavor enhancer.

Popeye's also contains hydrogenated oils (trans fats) that your body does not know how to process so it just accumulates in your body and causes excessive weight gain. Their food also contains preservatives and dyes. Preservatives cause high blood pressure. Don't get me wrong Popeye's is super delicious but I would not recommend eating it in large quantities or regularly.

I have eaten it on occasion and every time it knocks me on my *** and I get heart palpitations and fatigue. Hope it helps.


Yeah definitely weird, I swear I'm feeling really *** the next day, 2nd time popeyes was the last thing I ate the day before. Hmm...


It is good chicken.

I just had diarrhea all night.

I ate Popeye's last night and saved bought 4 pieces. An extra 2 pieces I saved to eat for lunch the next day.

Time frame....

Right now its 3am Tuesday Morning.

I ate the chicken Sunday evening.

My 8 year old daughter ate the chicken too.And is sick as a dog.

I know its the chicken cause my hiney burns and I ordered spicey. I never eat spicey.


2nd time eating popeyes chicken and getting sick. will never eat it again!!!

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