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Okay so T-Mobile Tuesday they have this coupon that that gave us coupon for two piece and a chicken sandwich and you have to place the order on the mobile app so I go to the location. In Hiawassee Road and the customer service was horrible I let it go and I as soon as I went to the register for one the lady was all seemed aggravated and I was explaining to her that I was here to pick up not just my order but my boyfriend's order as well and she's telling me that it wasn't in the system so I explained to her that it already went through and on top of that I've already been standing here for over 30 minutes just for two piece and spicy chicken sandwich and I simply ask for the manager and it wasn't just me that was there for the same thing there was other people that was there for the same thing and the customer service was horrible and it was a nightmare I was kind of talking to one of the employees as she seemed like she wanted to relieve some kind of anger out towards me because not only just me. Asked about the mobile order that was two other people that had a mobile order on the Popeyes app and when I say rude I mean with a capital r cuz when I had explained to her she says that they cannot give out free food and she said it would have a attitude and then another female came from the back as well she had on a ponytail she said that there's nothing they can do about it as well it did she turned around and said the *** wrong with people and then I stood to the side and I didn't say nothing else to the employee cuz she seemed like she had an attitude so we ask for the manager multiple times and the manager unbothered by making us wait before he said something to us and it was a good 30 minutes as well and then on top of that when he did speak to us he gave everybody an attitude and the way he said it towards people people was trying to ask him a question and he was still being rude and nasty towards customers when I say this was a horrible experience as in a capital H horrible

Preferred solution: Deliver product or service ordered.

Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen Pros: Good chicken, On my route home from work, Convenience, Great prices.

Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen Cons: Manager customer service, Customer service is the worst, Nothing just bad service, Order fulfillment, Lazy staff.

Location: 2625 N Hiawassee Rd, Pine Hills, FL 32818

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