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Today 12/12/12 @ 12:20pm I went to popeyes located @ 7120 Fry Rd. Cypress,TX.

77433. I order the popcorn shrimp basket with fries and ask for extra butter on my biscuit. So the young lady told me to pull around and then gave me my total and told her Manager I wanted extra butter and Crystal stated we are not suppose to do that, she was also rude and had an attitude, this is not the first time Crystal had a attitude and was rude. I stay about 5 minutes from popeyes so when I made it home my food it was cold.

So I'm so upset I didn't want to go back due to my baby crying. I am a regular customer at that store Sorry but I will never go back to that store and I am thinking about taking my business somewhere else.

Monetary Loss: $6.

Location: Cypress, Texas

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I think it's important to leave your baby at home while waiting for extra butter; the baby was probably crying about Crystal holding you up and and being rude, and not due to you being gone. That's what seems likely to me.

Have you considered returning one last time with the baby? I bet the child would cry if he saw Crystal, and that would prove your point. Then you could probably get several butters, but make sure to give the baby his fair share, like half.

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