17718 Bulverde Rd, San Antonio, TX 78259, USA
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I went to the Popeyes San Antonio location on Bulverde Rd, around 9:30 PM. When I went home shortly after, I noticed the 4 extra biscuits I ordered were missing, my 3 piece tender combo was 4 chicken nuggets from the kids menu, and the 4 piece chicken was burnt to the crisp.

I called immediately and spoke to the manager who accused me of lying about my order, and refused to replace it. I could hear she and another employee in the background talking about a large stack of replacement orders they had that day (12/20/18) stating people were wanting free food. When I heard this I offered to bring my entire order back to be replaced due to the poor quality, the missing side, and the fact I paid for a 3 piece tender meal and was given a kids meal. After she refused to do so, I asked for her name again and she disconnected the call.

I have never had such awful service or a manager refuse to replace an order that her staff made a mistake on.

If they’re so concerned with replacement orders and have a high demand of them, maybe it’s time the store owner reviews these orders and replaces staff so does not customer service nor what they are doing. I would love a refund of my $17.38 I spent as I was not given the food I purchased.

Product or Service Mentioned: Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen Manager.

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