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I am writing this witht the skeptical attitude that nothing will be done in this incident. On December 22 at approxmately 12:37 pm, I phoned the Popye's Chicken on Lancaster, Tx to order a cajun fried turkey for Christmas dinner for the fire station I am assigned to.

I identified myself as a Dallas Firefighter and wanted to order a turkey for our Christmas dinner. I was informed that ordinarily the customer would have to come in and order the item in person, but since it was for the fire station, it would be no problem and I could order it over the phone.

I gave the employee (male) my name and told him when I would be by to pick up the turkey on Wednesday and he said he would look for me and it would be ready because no one else would come in looking for a turkey for fire station #46 with my last name (Britt).

On Christmas Eve, I called the store to see if my turkey was ready. Not only did I find out my turkey was not ready, I was told that it was against policy to order by phone and it had to be done in person. Also I was informed that the store was out of turkey's and had been out all week.

I was confused to know that the order I had placed on Monday, was never placed, no turkeys were available and nothing could be done. The manager offered to contact her "General Manager" for advice and for me to call back in a few minutes.

I did as asked and waited the 5 minutes, called back and spoke to the manager at the store once more. She stated she could get no answer at the GM's office and she would keep trying and get back to me. I left my number and attempted to leave all the pertinent information as to the incident as to the time of the call and what was told to me again.

Right at the beginning of my explanation the manager hung up in my face, and I never received a return phone call or any contact whatsoever. It was my fault that I did not get a name of person I spoke to in the beginning but, I wanted to say I am completely dissatisified with the service at this Popeye's. Finally I don't know the number of the store but I know the number of the store, 972-228-****.

Thank you,

Lyndon Britt

Dallas Fire Station #46

Location: Richardson, Texas

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USA fast "food" and customer "service" sucks. The ONLY way they will wake up is when American wimps STOP purchasing their ***.

Then, when it hits their wallets, those corporate *** houses will wake up and prepare better quality food and treat each customer with respect, courtesy, and dignity. With the massive amounts of low paid immigrants who flock to these "food" stores as both workers and customers--you get what you pay for in USA.

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