I'm from Turkey, Istanbul.

My 9 years old daughter love Popeyes.

We had a bad experience at Popeye's last friday which in Istinye Park Shopping Mall Istanbul.

She ordered chicken deluxe menu and after she ate some, she show me what's inside the bread !! (I attached the picture).

I showed the restaurant employees it. But saying sorry was the only thing they did !! Of course they paid me back but passed 3 days no one called me...And nothing happened. I'm very sorry and I feel so upset about what happened.

Thank God my doughter is fine but nobody from Popeye's cared about this !!

I hope you will warn them about the importance about "customer happiness" which I'm defınitely not !

Thank you so much.

Review about: Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen Chicken.

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They apologized and gave your money back, what more do you want a gift card?

to Anonymous #1022921

I would hope so, at the VERY least, dum dum. Intelligent people do not like to be ripped off. People like yourself, know no better.

to Anonymous Orange, California, United States #1030443

You know nothing about this. Later on this mother was arrested because she prepared the food herself after eating her daughter's Popeye food.

She was arrested for child endangerment for trying to get freebies for making her daughter sick. They also suspect she may have proxy syndrome.

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