I was hired to work. My manager was suppose to let me know when the popeyes office has recieved my work number to start working and earning money.

I've called her numerous times to see if shes recieved it. Every time she always says, "Oh, no not yet I have to call them. I'll call them and let you know when, Okay?" Its already been a month since shes hired me. I have not worked not one second at the resturant.

The fellow employees that worj there now have told me that she hasn't gave me any hours to work. Another employee told me that she showed him the schedule and he was only to work one weekend out of the whole 2 weeks she had him scheduled. She fired him without him been contacted.

The managers name is Alma and she is not serious when it comes to her work. I do not appericate her firing people without letting then know especially since most of us weren't put on hours that she "supposedly" gave us.

Reason of review: Work Experience or Job Application.

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