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Ghetto acting girl at customer service drive thru order window in Sanford FL near I-4 and Sanford Mall, did not want to give me mild chicken on two 4 piece dinners that i tried to order. She insisted that I can only get spicy which I told her I couldnt eat.

Not once did she offer to make more mild chicken and said she only had two pieces of mild left and I can have the rest spicy if I wanted it. She said it with such nastiness and aggression that I forgot to curse her out before driving off. Never again will I go here and I hope they close this Place down like it says on the review page of this general location. Whoever is working there should not be.

Theyre making your company look horrible. Please close it down most urgently.

Rebuild it with new management and staff. My only regret is not cursing her out yesterday on 2/27/21, but I was in shock from her nasty ghetto behavior.

User's recommendation: Burn this one down and rebuild with new management and staff. Point blank period.

Preferred solution: Just get new staff here please this is sad .

Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen Pros: Really.

Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen Cons: Management response is disappointing.

Location: 4932 West State Road 46, Sanford, FL 32771

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Why call a grown woman a girl when you are the one behaving like a six year old child?

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