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The chicken absolutely horrible ! I repeated my order 3 timrs at the speaker, order taker told me "just a moment 3 times.

Then she had to get someone at the pick-up window. This was the worst chicken i have ever received from this location. My sides were all 2/3 full they were supposed to be large. I tried to call when I got home voicemail full.

Tried agin this Morning VM still full. I spent 46.71 cents I am a retired chef and took pictures of this discussing food. They used left over reheated chicken and probably used 2 small side ordes to make up a large side order it didn't work. I have pictures and I'm going to call heath dept.

,Channel 2 and keep writing about my horrific experience with a $46.71 order all over face book if this order is not replaced.

I consider Popeyes a treat because it is normally so go and it is expensive for my family. I want nothing more than my order to be replaced wth the edible food I paid for.

Product or Service Mentioned: Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen Chicken.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Them filling up the sides only 2/3 of the way is just another way they have of gyping you. They gotcha coming in and they gotcha going out!


We too had a rather unpleasant experience at the Palm Desert, CA location near Sun City. We also considered this a treat due to the expensive nature.

(We could have eaten at In-N-Out 4 x for what we paid at Popeye's.) My point being that the food was dried. The mashed potatoes were swimming in gravy and literally too watery to serve. Half gravy and half watery mashed potatoes that tasted worse than instant. The employee was discourteous despite our greatest efforts to be kind and patient.

She gave us REALLY spicy food we didn't order, and my husband surmised it was some bizarre intentional act, because nobody else was at the order window at the same time. The place looked pretty empty for lunchtime service, and now we know why. The rest of the sides were marginal at best, and frankly tasted old and cold. The chicken was the worst I've eaten.

Sadly, I can remember eating at two other locations, Banning and San Bernardino, and really enjoying the food despite the price tag. We are sworn-off after this. I literally was sick and no longer eat meat.

My husband was also ill and won't eat there ever again. He tells anyone who will listen not to eat there, and why...if Popeye's cares about its reputation, we suggest investigating this location and its practices.


That's what they do to me, often they only fill up my large sides part of the way. As much money as I have to pay for it, they should be filled all the way to the top.

You probably should have just dropped off the food to some homeless people. Often, they are so drunk that they will happily eat food that is gross as you have pictured.

You should have chalked the whole thing up to experience and told them to either refund your money or make you the food again right or that you were going to be taking your business elsewhere. But I warn you my friend, all the characters running all the other fast food joints serve up similar food with similar bad service, so Beware!

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