He took my order at the speaker I repeatedly repeated my order. I felt like he didn't get it correct.

So when I got to the window I asked did u ring me up for the 2 peice snack or meal. He said the snack an I said sir I asked for the meal. He said oh well I aime hear you but its to late to change it at window because they don't do that at window. So I said no the policy is we can't add to order at window but this isn't the case here.

You took order wrong. He went on an on bout he wasn't gona correct it. So I said the *** with it an just took it. Well something told me to check my other meal which was the shrimp and chicken for $5 upon opening it i saw it was just the shrimp so I pulled back around to the window an said i asked u 3 times at speaker did you get that I wanted the shrimp an chicken an u still only put shrimp.

He then says I must heard wrong an I said yea you got my entire order wrong an you want correct either meal.

So he gets a attitude an puts 2 chicken strips in a napkins an hands it to me out the window. That was really unprofessional not to mention not safe with this pandemic goin on.

User's recommendation: Dont go to lake Bradford.

Location: Jacksonville, Florida

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