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Online order was paid for and lost. Upon arrival, I entered the store and was immediately instructed to go to the drive thru to receive order.

After waiting in the line and being asked to wait, the drive thru operator stated she could not find my order, so I offered to drive to the window and show her my order confirmation. Once at the window, she confirmed that she did not have my order. Willing to pay again, I asked to place an order at the window. She instructed me to instead get back at the end of the drive thru line.

After trying to explain how ridiculous her offer was, she shut the window and then the manager came over. The manager confirmed that they didn't have my order.

The manager asked me to come inside and he would help me, but I was totally beside myself at that point. At that point, I probably started cussing, offered some not so helpful life advice, and it got really *** after that.

User's recommendation: Don't order online.

Location: San Antonio, Texas

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