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Last night I drove to Popeyes to buy my family of four dinner. I paid $27 for a 10-piece chicken dinner with a large coleslaw and a large beans and rice and a few pies.

When I arrived back home to feed my family I was missing the large coleslaw and the large beans and rice had spilt in the bottom of the bag they had put it in on its side. I called the manager, her first words were "Are you missing your large coleslaw?" She said that missing food had been becoming an issue. I explained that not only was the coleslaw missing but whoever put the beans in the bag had laid them on the side and they were all over the bottom of my bag. She told me to hang on for a minute, i heard her tell an employee that this has got to stop.

She told me she could put my name in her blackbook and the next visit she would give me the sides for free. I explained that i was now going to have to cook side dishes for my dinner that i had paid for. There are only a few Popeyes in town, i did not want to drive thru detours across town again. I needed to feed my family.

The manager offered me my sides or a 2pc dinner. I was so inconvenienced, why would they not A.

Replace my whole meal B. Return my money

Review about: Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen 10-piece Chicken Combo Meal.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Why should they refund or replace your entire order over some missing cole slaw? You did eat all 10 pieces of chicken, didn’t you? I know you’re disappointed that your little scam for a free meal did not work out, but the manager handled things appropriately.

to Anonymous #1379507

Entitlement is running rampant.

to Anonymous #1382104

If it's becoming an issue, then why is it not being addressed? I'm not sure what to say because accepting the items 'next time' is a big no-no, unless you like spit in your food.

The best thing to do is to check before you leave. Less chance of spit.

Getting the whole order free is excessive, but businesses should also not be able to get away with doing something wrong over and over and making the customer come back another time to get the rest of their purchase. That means they never get what they paid for.

Would you buy food and agree to terms that state they are not obligated to provide your whole order at the same time, or even on the same day, and are not required to tell you they will not do so? I wouldn't.

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