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I sho do wish that Popeye's would bring back their catfish. I would order it every time I went there, and they always told me that it would be a five minute wait because they had to fry up some fresh catfish, which I didn't mind at all.

Popeye's motto says "Louisiana Kitchen" on it. Well, isn't catfish a favorite Louisiana dish? I remember when I went to Las Vegas and told a lady that I was from Louisiana she asked me "Oh, Do You Eat Alot Of Seafood?" Well, Catfish is a seafood and Popeye's should start offering it up on their menu again. I really don't mind waiting five minutes for them to cook it up for me.

Actually, I would prefer to have it cooked up for me rather just be handed Catfish that had been sitting around under heatlamps. Also, anudder thing about Popeye is that it always be so crowded. Many a time I have gone to eat at Popeye, and it be so crowded that there isn't anywhere to sit. I mean very crowded.

So, i just didn't get anything. Popeye's dining area should have at least double the seating to accommodate all of it's many customers.

I sho do love that chicken from Popeyes and I sho would be extremely happy if they would bring back the fried catfish. It was better than anything else!

Product or Service Mentioned: Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen Menu.

Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen Pros: Catfish.

Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen Cons: When they stopped selling catfish, Sto be too crowded not enough seating.

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I agree!


I miss their catfish too


The last time I was at a POPEYES it was specifically for the CATFISH. And they didn't have it on the menu.

Please add it to your permanent menu, and add the fact that a given restaurant sells catfish to your restaurant finder. When I found out they didn't have catfish, I left, empty handed and disappointed!

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