I Karen L. Torres aam homeless so every-day I pan-handle and give my business and money to Popeye's for lunch.

Jeff the Manager at the Aurora location should be replaced for "HARASSMENT" of the Homeless customers. I'm sitting down eating my food like I do EVERYDAY and he has the nerve and Audacity to sit down next to me and tell me, "Karen I know you come here everyday but you're pan-handling is hurting my business!" he not only made me lose my apppetite but he just lost Sales for the Franchise for being ignorant.

Danny from the Mobil gas station calls he his regular customer because the Indians know how to keep the money coming in VS losing sales! Now I will Tell all my face-book friends not to go to Popeye's on Lake Street and JEFF SUCKS as a MANGER and he better mind his own business while people are eating lunch!

Monetary Loss: $5.

Location: Aurora, Illinois

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this is such a phony post...come on....lost Sales? hahahaha...sounds like a nice guy, actually, he coulda just called the cops on your ***..but of course you don't really exist...


The only reason the homeless

have access to a computer, is

because that access is government mandated.

america is not a socialist country

everyone has the right to

life liberty and the pursuit of happiness

Priorities right?

did we tell big cell phone providers that by building an infrastructure that maybe will

eat too much of customers yearly earnings

to get their priorities right?


You are homeless and have to pan-handle for food, but you have a computer. You have your priorities wrong.

If you can afford to have a computer and internet account, you can afford food and a place to live. Those things should come first. You are lucky you don't live where I live----the city here recently outlawed pan-handling.

If you actually have to pan-handle, there are homeless shelters where you can go for meals. If I were ever to help out a pan-handler I would go and buy them a fast food sandwich, instead of giving them money, because a lot of them don't use the money for a meal, they go and buy booze, or whatever.


That's right! You can type, speak, and transport yourself.

There's no good reason why you are harrassing hard working people for the money that they made at their real businesses.

Not to mention, from what I read, Jeff seems like a decent guy to me and a good manager. I sure wouldn't keep going back to a restaurant if I got hounded by pan-handlers every time.

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