My husband and I stopped at Popeye's Chicken in Palatka, Florida after we went grocery shopping to get one, simple, 3-piece meal at about 2:20 p.m. on Sunday afternoon.

I have frequented this establishment for over 10 years, and never had a problem, although my husband has stopped there a few times in the last few months and had to wait very long periods of time for his order to be filled. We pulled into the drive through and I ordered. I was told at the window to pull forward and they would "bring the meal right out." After waiting about 15 minutes, and after watching car after car come behind us and pass us on the right to pull out onto the road, I went inside. I was told that they did not have any "mild" chicken fixed, and they did not say how long it would be.

There were at least 5 or 6 people working in that restaurant. They said the cook was all by himself and had no help. I did not see a manager then, so I asked how long it would be before it would be ready? They said 5 minutes.

Long story short, it wasn't done and given to me until about 15-20 minutes after that. I was afraid they were going to spit in the meal, or ruin it in some way, so I waited at the counter for them to finish. When I went in to wait again, I saw a woman with a red shirt. I asked if she was the manager, and she turned to me from the drive through window, and said, "I will be with you in a moment after I get this one car done that's been waiting, ok???????" I begrudgingly said, "ok", and thought to myself, "this place has sure gone downhill." The cook handed me my order and the manager came up to me.

I told her that I had been coming to this restaurant a very long time, and never had to wait like that for 3 pieces of chicken, a side of rice, and a biscuit. Other patrons were getting angry as well. The manager was apologetic and offered to give me back my money, or make it right. I told her I paid for my food, and I didn't expect to or want to get my money back, I just wanted good service, and I told her there was no excuse for having a person wait so long, and that the person at the drive through should have told us that it would be a 30 minute wait, so I would have had the choice to go to another establishment in the area.

I will go back into this Popeye's again one more time, and if the service is the same, I won't go there again.

Location: Livingston, New Jersey

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Sounds to me like they were having a tough time and also that you are a very spoiled person, expecting everyone to fall all over you, kissing your behind. Try having a little empathy. :sigh


The key word fast food doesnt mean 30 minute wait for a simple order. A dine in restaurant could have a full course meal ready in 30 minutes.


Entitled pos.

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