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Today I visited your Popeyes Chicken and Seafood location at 1525 Dundas St East,Whitby,Ontario

at 6.04 pm and earlier when I placed my order.

I purchased 2 orders of popcorn Shrimp and 2 orders of Chicken tenders and the total came to some $20+,

then waited for the order to be filled. This was my 3rd visit to this location THIS WEEK !!!

When the girl asked me what kind of sauce I wanted, told her 2 of the sweet and sour sauce for each order, i.e. 4

in total. What appeared to be a manager (dressed in black) yelled and told me only 1 per order is permitted, policy of Head Office.

Asked her if it was appropriate to loose a customer, and a good customer over an extra sauce, she again reiterated "Head Office" orders and

policy. Advised her that this was the first time ever that I had been refused the extra sauce and it was my third visit this week, that I also

would be writing Head Office and complain. She again said Head Office Policy. I then bought the sauce and paid $0.26 cents, again asked her if

the $0.26 cents was worth loosing a customer over.

Wonder how much you spend on advertising per customer, also not counting the other 10 that will be told and likely not

go in the establishment.

I expect to receive a reply from you or somebody to explain

Location: Etobicoke, Ontario

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Finally called me and offered 2 free dinners by the owner


It is now April 9, 2012, and Popeyes HO did contact me and said they would get back to me, which of course they have not. Just like an ostrich hiding their head in the sand, goping that I will go away, WRONG

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