I went to Delaware poppeys at 08.30am today 21st dec 2014 and was informed by the manager that it opens at 9am.we decided to wait until then since I'm a big poppeys biscuit fan n crave for it every now and then.we went to the counter at 08.55am so that we don't hav to wait In a line .it was already 9.10 am with other customers lining as well but the counters were not opened neither the manager came and appologised for opening the counters late ,food was not ready until then as well.when asked by my husband to the manager he said that the lady is coming on the counter and you can go to the other place and order food I if you want to which is completely unacceptable.this kind of customer service is completely unaccepted.rudness is a complete no no in hospitality industry . We are just a poppeys fan but this kind of response that too from the manager itself is something you need to look upto.i have attached the images to show how punctual your staff is.we bought what we were suppose to but did not even feel like eating.i myself was in hospitality industry for 10 years but this least caring attitude is not gonna take you guys a long way.i need a response and corrective suggested for your staff.kindly give your staff proper training on customer relation.


Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Location: New York, New York

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Get over yourself. I too have worked in the hospitality industry.

The manager was actively getting the restaurant ready. You knew that he was aware of the people waiting. Why hassle him? True...if you are that hungry you should have gone elsewhere.

Instead you chose to stomp your entitled feet. FFS you of all people should have had patience.


You're one to talk, Anonymous in Texas. It's you're not your.


By the way you write your not even 10 years old! How could you have 10 years experience? Your attitude will get you nowhere little snotty baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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