Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen Bonafide Chicken Reviews

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Product or Service Quality
Looked forward to the new Popeye's in town.After five visits with bad food, never again. Food overcooked, tasted like rancid oil, just terrible. The service was good, but that's about all that was. Fries are soggy and greasy, chicken tastes like it's been boiled than fried beyond recognition. Fish tiny and overcooked, the shrimp look like little pellets and are so hard you can't eat them. Have had good Popeye's in Louisiana, but this really is...
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I didn't like
  • Everything else
  • Terrible food
  • Order issue
I went to the Popeye store in Plainfield indiana and it took 30 minutes to get thru the drive thru.I was shorted chicken, I ordered and paid for a three piece dinner and got 2 pieces. The breast was very small, dried out. I filed a complaint complete with all info on receipt and never heard a thing from them. Needless to say I'll NEVER go there again and I'll tell anyone willing to listen to STAY AWAY! KFC isn't my favorite, pretty pricy, but at...
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Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen Bonafide Chicken Review

Ordered your 3pc. White chicken spicy! Well, the breast was on top and spicy and very good, but the 2 wings under it was mild and should have been spicy! This was the store in Baker, Louisiana..