Wilmington, North Carolina
Not resolved

Hickory nc location. Very ratchet.

Its ok to be from the hood, but dang, just learn some common sense on how to conduct yourselves as women. I waited in the parking lot for over 20mins for two biscuits...two Biscuits!! When i call to complain,im placed on hold for abother 10mins b4 i pull up in the drive way again. They immediately try to just give me the damn biscuits that have probably been ready.

But to make matters worse, when i ask for my money back since it was obviously not appreciated, the manager becomes the typical angry black rat from the hood and starts rolling her neck in defense as to why she was so busy. She then gives me a receipt that cant be read and tells me my money will be back in 5 to 7 business days, like ill loose sleep behind that $1.29.

Her name was Tomika McCorkle. Very ghetto experience.

Product or Service Mentioned: Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen Customer Care.

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

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What kind of a lazy pig would wait in a drive through for 2 biscuits? Please tell me they were part of a meal.

At any rate, the food takes time to cook. It's not a burger on a flat top. The bird alone can take 20 minutes. Hint, they aren't going to keep too much on hand to avoid tossing stuff out that has sat out too long.

Next time, take your butt in the store. Oh, and yeah these chicks can go off, personally I would too if I had the 20th moron such as yourself come to my window talking @#$#..

So now that you know cook times, make a choice, sit in your car and wait.... OR don't....


Give the food back if you want the money back. This is not a soup kitchen.

No need to get your money back and not return the food. Also do you really think that using the terms "dang" and "damn" is conducting yourself as a woman?

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