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I chose a side of mashed potatoes with my 2pc chicken meal and when I took my third *** of the potatoes I was disgusted to find that I was chewing on something quite "rubbery"! I was completely grossed out and spit the rubbery piece of ? (unknown object) into a napkin...
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For the third time in as many weeks I have stopped at 3 different locations and asked for mashed potatoes and gravy. Each time I was told that there were no more mashed potatoes and gravy. That was the only thing I wanted to order. How can a chicken place not have...
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After waiting gor 30 mins for mashed potatoes I returned home. Once I returned home I disvovered that the potatoes were soup like and two if my pieces of chicken were raw. We called to speak to the manager to complain and that call quickly ended due to the rude...
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I liked
  • Price of the meal
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  • Fried chicken and mashed potatoes
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Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen Mashed Potato Review

Today's game day I love Popeyes mash potatoes it's delicious! 9/11/216 I went into the Raleigh nc Popeyes located on newbern AV. Question do you ever look at the camera? I walked in was greeted by a lady digging in her hair
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