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This review is reference to the nasty attitude Denise the manager and her employee Amber On March 12, 2016. At 1445hrs on 8315 On w.

Hillsborough avenue Tampa, FL 33615. We went through the drive through where Amber took our order. Amber told us to come to the window after the first order however we weren't finished. When we told her we weren't finished she changed her tone.

Now that we were able to ignored however, At the end of the order, we weren't satisfied with the service and Ambers tone that she took with us. though we tried to ignore her in hopes that she would get our meals correct. When we arrived at the drive thru window, we asked which of the young ladies was the manager and also for the district managers number she refused to give us the number saying it was against policy. I could understand that.

As we drove off we stopped to check our orders and to our surprise Amber had the order wrong. I suppose because she was slamming dishes around. I went back inside to tell her. I told her if she wasn't so upset she might have got my order right.

Amber quickly explained that she didn't have an attitude however made no plans to fix the order. Well I would like you to fix my order. If you came to my job in the military I would treat you with respect all I expect is the same from you at you're job. I'm sure you can understand someone wanting their food right.

Amber told me that she would clock out and take me outside. I told her well clock out then. I had no plans to get violent with her however I didn't believe she would risk her job. Her manager Denise quickly defused the situation and took her off in the corner.

The manager than came back and gave me my refund. Might I add that we'd been to this Popeyes before and decided to give it another shot. The last time we didn't order because we first spent 5 minutes on the drive thru line and no one took our order. It may have been more than 5 minutes.

So we went inside and the lady cleaning the dining area didn't wash her hands before she started touching food. So we gave it some thought and left. My number is 407-403-**** or 407-257-****.

John Johnson Please call so that I may provide more details to the incident.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Location: Town N Country, Florida

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I have eaten at Popeyes on w Hillsborough several times and always felt cheated for the food you get compared to the price. Chicken was good but small pieces and after taking off most of the breading not much there.

Also I usually encounter this cashier who is obviously *** but seems to revel in it. He could tone it down several notches.

He is condenscending and rude.

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