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Yesterday I go to Popeyes on West Sahara in Las Vegas. I order 2 orders of naked chicken strips.

I paid 8 bucks for 6 tiny strips the size of my thumb. What a joke. There were good tasting but way too much. A fried chicked breast has more meat on it then one of those portion sizes.

So I email in using the receipt I was given to complain.

I get no response but I do get a print out for 2 peices of chicken and a bisket if I buy a large soda. All it says is print the verification code and bring it in. I go there just now and some snotty young lady informs me that I also needed to give her the receipt from yesterday. What the ***?

First of all who the *** keeps fast food receipts. Secondly if I spend money on something and get a receipt isnt my right to retain it. Why do they need it back? Isnt that what the verification code is for?

Seriously, your buisness is a complete joke. Good riddence.

Monetary Loss: $8.

Location: Fort Lauderdale, Florida

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I sent Popeye's an email complaining about the new self-serve terminals at their Detroit airport location. I never received an acknowledgement, much less a reply.

Total silence. I used to eat at Popeyes all the time while in the marines years ago, but after my experience at the Detroit airport, I will never eat at a popeyes again.

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