The survey on the back of your Popeye's receipt is a scam. They never send you a validation code for a free two piece chicken meal. I have done these surveys the past 4 four times I have eaten at Popeyes and I never received a validation code.

Don't bother to take the survey--you will never be contacted by Popeyes if you are dissatisfied and you will never be given a validation code for a free chicken meal as promised on the back of your receipt.

Same goes if you write a letter to the Popeyes corporation-you will never receive an answer and you will never receive credit if you were dissatisfied with their food.

Monetary Loss: $5.

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why do you tell people that and its not true


I get one every time. But you can use code without taking survey.

The code is the date on Receipt followed by the store number.

Ex. If receipt is dated 12/25/2017 and store number in top of receipt were 10710, then the code would be 12251710710


I did the survey got the code bit when I went to use it I still got charged 2.09 for the large Fri k and 3.49 for the 2 piece with a biscuit....Shoot I could of a meal with a side for all that!!! I feel scammed for real!!!

to Andrearae #1427942

Sorry to here that Andrearae but when i used my code i have gotten 1 large breast and a leg for free but i was thirsty so i paid for my drink it was pretty expensive i think it was $2.19 that's all i paid just to get 2 piece of chicken for free it is still worth it buddy.


Not true this guy probably work for KFC or something here is the link right here https://tellpopeyes.com/Index.aspx?c=014616 finish the survey you get the validation code right away when done write down the code on the back of receipt take it back to the same Popeye's restaurant you got the receipt from give it to the cashier no problem yall no scam at all ok take care.


I also have done the survey 3 times and still no code. Scam!


There was a point sometime last year when I used to do the survey, that I always had a code appear at the end of the survey. I just recently at at Popeyes again.

Did the survey the last 2 times and it no longer prompts the code at the end. Same box with info, just no code provided.

Little Rock, Arkansas, United States #1350046

I picked up the survey coupon at order desk....The instructions to go to popeyes.com/july2017 does not prompt to survey code....I would like to activate but it does not specify that I am to have my receipt...only this code.....Very deceiving on what your are offering...Hope you get the site fixed for as presented

Foristell, Missouri, United States #1329602

I have also done the survey twice and did not recievea code

San Diego, California, United States #1285810

I have received validation codes from Popeyes and have enjoyed the free chicken.


Untrue... contact Popeyes through their website, upon completion of the survey, you are given the code without fail..

Bellevue, Washington, United States #1263886

You call the number on the back of receipt and after you do the survey they give you a validation code

Huntington Station, New York, United States #1231529

I took the survey twice and both times received a validation code.


I have actually took the survey and i did receive a validation code.. my only issue is that you definitely have to spend $2.94 on a extra huge drink that doesnt even make sense, in order to get the free food... so basically, it's not free.

to Anonymous Roseville, California, United States #1226441

It's not "free", but either is ANYTHING that is "buy one, get one 'free' "

Pretty sure a drink costs a lot less than a meal though, so why do you have a problem with it? The survey took me a whole 30 seconds on the website....

Atlanta, Georgia, United States #1217252

Wow. Ok so thats how they are playing it? I noticed that i never received a valudation code

to Anonymous Roseville, California, United States #1226444

I used the same receipt to do it, not once but TWICE. Got a verification code both times. Clearly you are doing something wrong.

I 100% guarantee you that fake-whining about the code you already used (and claim not to have gotten) isn't gonna get you any more free food.

Charlotte, North Carolina, United States #1214776

That is not true. I work at Popeyes and i always tell people how to save.

The only way you Will Not get a new validation code is when you have used the same electronic device to do the survey on less than 30 days.

Or you've waited more than 2 days to do the survey.

Detroit, Michigan, United States #1213733

Not true....ma'am or sir. You get the code at the end of the automated survey. Every time.

Lake Charles, Louisiana, United States #1197774

The validation code is Most definitely given at the end of your Survey Everytime!!! Im a customer and have done this more than a dozen times!! Just sayin!!

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