The survey on the back of your Popeye's receipt is a scam. They never send you a validation code for a free two piece chicken meal. I have done these surveys the past 4 four times I have eaten at Popeyes and I never received a validation code.

Don't bother to take the survey--you will never be contacted by Popeyes if you are dissatisfied and you will never be given a validation code for a free chicken meal as promised on the back of your receipt.

Same goes if you write a letter to the Popeyes corporation-you will never receive an answer and you will never receive credit if you were dissatisfied with their food.

Monetary Loss: $5.

Location: Vincentown, New Jersey

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I have also done the survey twice and did not recievea code


I have received validation codes from Popeyes and have enjoyed the free chicken.


Untrue... contact Popeyes through their website, upon completion of the survey, you are given the code without fail..


You call the number on the back of receipt and after you do the survey they give you a validation code


I took the survey twice and both times received a validation code.


I have actually took the survey and i did receive a validation code.. my only issue is that you definitely have to spend $2.94 on a extra huge drink that doesnt even make sense, in order to get the free food... so basically, it's not free.


It's not "free", but either is ANYTHING that is "buy one, get one 'free' "

Pretty sure a drink costs a lot less than a meal though, so why do you have a problem with it? The survey took me a whole 30 seconds on the website....


Wow. Ok so thats how they are playing it? I noticed that i never received a valudation code


I used the same receipt to do it, not once but TWICE. Got a verification code both times. Clearly you are doing something wrong.

I 100% guarantee you that fake-whining about the code you already used (and claim not to have gotten) isn't gonna get you any more free food.


That is not true. I work at Popeyes and i always tell people how to save.

The only way you Will Not get a new validation code is when you have used the same electronic device to do the survey on less than 30 days.

Or you've waited more than 2 days to do the survey.


Not true....ma'am or sir. You get the code at the end of the automated survey. Every time.


The validation code is Most definitely given at the end of your Survey Everytime!!! Im a customer and have done this more than a dozen times!! Just sayin!!


After completing the survey the validation code appears right after ... I've gotten a code every time !


Why not get a job instead of trying to get free food. Were you really dissatisfied with their food, or are you just claiming you are to get free food?

If you really were dissatisfied with their food you would not continue to return there. They are not scamming you at all since they owe you nothing.


You are doing something wrong. I get it every time I do my survey,


It says on the receipt you can only redeem it once every 30 days. Pretty sure they use cookies in your web browser to make sure you don't do it more than once a month.

I had it work, then the next week it didn't. Then I deleted my cookies and tried with a new receipt and it worked.


...... You don't think it was the new receipt?

Why do you think they ask about the time and date that you came in to the restaurant?

And do you really think you can just pass the same receipt around to a dozen friends and ALL of you can go get free food with the same exact receipt?

That makes absolutely no sense, and would be an *** move on Popeyes' corporate people.

I am 99.999999****99% sure that it is based on the receipt, and it has nothing to do with cookies in your browser... that would be way too easy to cheat.


wtf I just said id - iot, not A55 or a bad word..?


The "free" 2 piece chicken is not free. You have to purchase a large drink which costs $4.09 at the Popeyes in NYC at Canal Street and Chrystie Street.

They also advertised a 3 piece chicken with biscuit for $3.99. BIG TIME SCAM!


it says that pretty clearly on the receipt, it is in plain English too. do you complain when something is "buy one, get one free" too?

I can't imagine that you do.

And if you do?

That is called being ungrateful. Stop complaining.

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