The survey on the back of your Popeye's receipt is a scam. They never send you a validation code for a free two piece chicken meal. I have done these surveys the past 4 four times I have eaten at Popeyes and I never received a validation code.

Don't bother to take the survey--you will never be contacted by Popeyes if you are dissatisfied and you will never be given a validation code for a free chicken meal as promised on the back of your receipt.

Same goes if you write a letter to the Popeyes corporation-you will never receive an answer and you will never receive credit if you were dissatisfied with their food.

Monetary Loss: $5.

Location: Vincentown, New Jersey

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I always get my code for 2piece chicken . You can only get once a month .


but baby i need that 2 piece all day errday.


Yep, just took survey and guess what? --------NO CODE-------What a waste of my time!!!

I do believe a call to the BBB is in order first thing Monday morning! !!!


I just took survey for popeyes on st paul in Norfolk. Didn't get a code.

Called the popeyes store. and the manager was nasty. And gave me the wrong number to follow up.

If you want to be treated rude over and over. Go there.


The code will always be 2digits for the month 2 digits for the day 2 digits for the year and the store number exp... 0522151**** so its may 22, 2015 and the store number which is on the top on the receipt



OK, so after the survey, the validation code is given. However, there is a significance to the code.

For example, let’s say your code is 110********.

The first two digits indicate the month (11=November), the next two indicate the day of the month (08), then the next two indicate the year (14). Then, the following five digits indicate the store number. If the store number is four digits long, there is a zero to fill in for the first of five digits. EX.

Store number 1234 -> 01234. Now, you have the code:110********.

Now, you can just look at the date of purchase on your receipt and formulate your code from there.

It comes in handy if you want to complete more than one offer per month. Hope this helps!


I meant that to be an 11 up there!

Also, to respond the review up there, only one offer is given per month if you complete it online.




Thank you. Very helpful


But that would be being dishonest!




I have gotten the free 2-piece meal several times. if you call the number to do the survey , you get the validation code right then.


You are an ***! You were no doubt on the wrong site. I went to Popeyes site, filled out the survey and instantly got a validation code.***


I've done it before and it didn't work


I've done it before and it DID work.

So either you are dumb or they don't like you.

Just kidding. It does work though.

Try again, or....


Either way, stop complaining. It solves nothing.


Go to www.tellpopeyes.com to get validation code!!


it does work, either you are trying to get free food everyday from them because you don't have a job or you are foolish


Exact same results as you when attempting to obtain a validation code for a 2 piece chicken. :(


You're a retard. It works for me every time.

Stoopid. :( :( :( :(


Scam!!Popeyes suck!! :( Took 3 surveys!NO CODES were ever sent!!

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