The survey on the back of your Popeye's receipt is a scam. They never send you a validation code for a free two piece chicken meal. I have done these surveys the past 4 four times I have eaten at Popeyes and I never received a validation code.

Don't bother to take the survey--you will never be contacted by Popeyes if you are dissatisfied and you will never be given a validation code for a free chicken meal as promised on the back of your receipt.

Same goes if you write a letter to the Popeyes corporation-you will never receive an answer and you will never receive credit if you were dissatisfied with their food.

Monetary Loss: $5.

Location: Vincentown, New Jersey

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same here fatgirl user


I never received a code either. It's a scam


I never received my code!


I never received my code


I have no problem getting my free 2 pieces of chicken and biscuit . I'm going to get it again, this will be my third time


HOW DID YOU GET THE CODE!!???????????? PLEASE TELL EVERYONE HOW YOU GOT YOUR CODE?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????


call the # on back of receipt.


Give us the code!


It says in your receipt do the survey within 2 days. After you finish completing the survey you will receive an 11-digit code. I have done the survey several times and got a code each time and the chicken too.


So no code


thats right gurl...but better get ur chicken precious..gimme a piece

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