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Update by user Aug 25, 2015

Update on Popeyes...Popeyes contacted me, and took these photos to the Popeyes here. He was the regional manager and seemed genuinely concerned.

He said they do not tolerate this kind of service, nor cheating customers.

His job, he said, is to be sure the Popeyes in his area keep to Popeyes standards.

He said they have our name on them, and we have standards.

This Popeyes is not meeting our standards. They are franchises, but must keep to Popeyes standards, or lose their franchise.

Update by user Aug 25, 2015

I see he is now posting as a moderator. Just wanted to post that this person has been reported, and I am waiting for an email from Pissed Consumer.

Update by user Aug 25, 2015

Please note that this person,Kevin, Is somehow making all of these ID's, including my own, and posting as if it is me.

I just want to reiterate that these are not my posts.

He is making posts and answering his own posts. I am not responding to him.

Ignore his posts and do not reply to him, since it encourages him.

I am the original poster of this review, even though he is posting through my ID, somehow.

Update by user Aug 25, 2015

I want to mention that this review has been taken over by a bunch of immature... "people".

They are pretending to be me. These posts are not mine. These posters go all over this site and post hatred and slander.

I stand by my original review of Popeyes. Pissed Consumer...why don't you do something about posters that do this.

Original review posted by user Aug 11, 2015

This is my 3rd bad experience at the Popeyes in Aransas Pass, Texas. The first time, they made my husband take chicken that had been sitting there, instead of fresh cooked that had just come out. It was old and stale tasting.

Decided to give them another chance. Way overcharged me for 2 orders (2 piece dinners) $18.55. Make me pay $1.97 each for a breast in each instead of a thigh.

Gave them one more chance (my last time). The pieces were so tiny it was unbelievable. I am going to try to post some photos. The drumsticks were like drumettes, like from a wing. I have a photo showing a Popeye thigh next to a KFC thigh. No meat, just breading. KFC on the right, Popeyes thigh on the left.

This reviewer shared experience about bad quality and wants this business to offer any options to resolve the issue as the author lost $17. The author is overall dissatisfied with Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen and uploaded picture s. The most disappointing about popeyes louisiana kitchen chicken from Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen was chicken, size of chicken and being overcharged Reviewer wants customer support to reach out to him or her ASAP for further discussion of this matter.

Also, you can continue reading comments about Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen.

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Your are making these posts yourself and blaming your imaginary friend Kevin. I see no beating post at all.

to Anonymous #1175407

They are not friends, she just likes to blame others for her posts rather than take responsibility for her lies and harassment of others.


Not to mention, the child was eight when he posted that Walmart Zelda review and he called an eight year old a retard for making spelling and grammar mistakes which he does himself. Aiden was eight when he made spelling and grammar mistakes, what is Kevin's excuse, despite being a bonehead.


You are correct Kevin Richards needs to be banned. He is not only bashing others but cyberbullying nine or ten year old fineyoungaiden2005 online.

Columbia, South Carolina, United States #1024372

Kevin degrades peoples' postings here all the time. He has no life except the one he has made for himself at this site.

to Anonymous #1024557

That I believe. I saw him on other posts.

Apparently this is his life. Very sad person.

Thanks for your input.

I am just going to ignore him. What a pathetic person.

to Kittens Orange, California, United States #1028932

Someone needs to delete this review. The person is trolling her own review and creating multiple accounts herself and saying I am doing so.

She has admitted to making lies about her husband, disturbing lies to get back at him because they argued. Then when they made up she admitted to it.

to Kittens Aiken, South Carolina, United States #1063261

wait are you not the one with an abusive husband?


No, Kev, honey, YOU posted the "beating" posts.

It is a very strange thing to post. I am a bit concerned for you.

Aransas Pass, Texas, United States #1023099

First Born Triplet>>>

I see. I just noticed that he posts all over this site and has for a long time.

It is odd that he makes up stories about wife beating, and about abusing children. I am afraid he has some real issues in life, and probably needs help. To bad no one is helping him.

The abuse issues are pretty scary.

Thanks for letting me know.

I just ran across him today. My Popeye review is the first time I have ever posted on here.

Ponca City, Oklahoma, United States #1023078

Fake Kittens:


Ponca City, Oklahoma, United States #1023077

Now, someone is posting as kittens again.

This post: Kittens to Anonymous 4 minutes ago #1023071

is not my post.

Is this you, Kevin? I think it is.

Ponca City, Oklahoma, United States #1023076

Nobody says you have to believe me, Kevin. I don't know you, but flinging insults, usually gets insults back.

You should realize that.

I am the real kittens. I don't know if it is you or some of your buddies, but someone is trying to stir the pot.


Most of the nasty "anonymous " posts are NOT MINE. The one Kittens post #1023023 is also NOT MINE.

I did not insult "16James16" or "agrees with OP"

Either Kevin is playing games, or his buddies are helping, too.

to Kittens #1054331

Most of the posts are your, u are playing games.


I know this is you Kevin. Now, you are posting as anonymous, after posting as kittens.

I am the real kittens.

to Kittens Orange, California, United States #1023068

You already lied about me not having a job, so why should we believe you.


Agrees with OP

I am the real kittens, and I just realized why my post is using anonymous. I did not sign in!

I will sign in after this post.

I agree about Popeyes. That is why it is so disappointing. We have enjoyed Popeyes for a lot of years, and the last year or so, they have really gone downhill.

At least the one in Aransas Pass.

We gave them 3 tries, and all 3 were a nightmare, so no more Popeyes. :(

Thanks for agreeing.


Okay I can understand you being angry at Kevin. He is being a ***, however your comments to 16James16 and "agrees with OP" were uncalled for.

They were very polite to you. They agreed with you. No need to get rude and nasty to them. Kids may be rude online but you are no better.

They are kids and do not know any better. What is your excuse.

BTW it is grievance not grievence. Your comments to 16james16 and "agrees with Op" are way out of line.


No, you are wrong. I did not post the kittens post on here about the beating husband.

You are correct. I did post the OP as "kittens". I looked when all of this started, and yes, I used the name "kittens".

When I started replying I somehow became anonymous.

But, I am not the kittens who posted on here, and I am not the other anonymous using the C word on here.

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