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Poor customer service

My question is if you order a 16 piece meal and you don't get your 8 biscuits, shouldn't I be refunded for said biscuits? At the price of $1.01 per biscuit, shouldn't I be refunded $8.00+tax?


Cayshun turkey

OIs it fried in peanut oil ? I am not a pissed customer.


Military discount

I just wanted to know if all location have a military discount?


Order Cajun Turkey

How do I go about ordering 2 turkeys for Thanksgiving?


Its 50 dollars plus tax(currently a Popeyes employee)



Have seen ad on TV about ordering turkeys and I would like to know which locations are selling the turkeys?


Manager said she is going to whip my ***

Headquarters number Illinois for this complaint



My husband and I are true regular customers for years would like to no if we could get loyal customer or senior discounts


Which dishes have pork ingredients

I don't eat pork. What dishes do I have to avoid? That is, which dishes have pork orlard in them so I can avoid them?


My complaint

Can I get a copy of my complaint? I would also like to know why the manager was given my name and phone number rather than someone from your office contacting me.



I’m so disappointed from Popeyes in Laredo Tx every time you go buy chicken any hour you have to wait more than 20 minutes!! Costumer service so bad and rude..:( Inlove Popeyes but you need to serve better service!!!


I need someone to call me ASAP


prior location of a Popeye. chicken franchise in or about erie pa.

Was there a Popeye chicken franc in or about Erie PA. EVER !


Was there a Popeye franchise in or about Erie PA.


Service and cleanliness of your restaurants

1. Why do you sale 4pieces of chicken for $5.00.

But 12 pieces cost over $19.00 with out sides. Do your customers know your are selling them old chicken in the 4piece for $5.00 box. 2. Why is the restaurant at 19701 Harper in Detroit, Mi.

48224. No#10834 so unclean. Flour all on the floor, chicken on floor inside bldg. Weekend evening manager kieaha is what she told me her name was.

The serving area where the food is kept while waiting to be served with orders was dirty. Your need to investigate.



Why are you using the dangerous msg (monosodium gluconate please research this ingredients and see how dangerous that is for a person's body. Again that is mono sodium gluconate in other words MSG. Can you please use a different ingredient because I would really love to eat your Popeye's Chicken, but I can't because you have MSG in your seasoning.


Onion Rings

I'm from AL & there have been times when I went to Popeye's JUST for the onion rings. I now live in AZ & was disappointed to learn that most of the locations here don't have the onion rings.

Can you tell me which ones have them?

I also just read that even the locations that have onion rings that they have changed. Can anyone confirm that?



Hi is it possible i can get my W2 from 2016/2017 sent to my email ?


My poor Service

Why doesn't this Pope ye Chicken Restaurant, give You forks or spoons and Napkins, plus the order for spicy Chicken was Mild Chicken !!?? After driving from Hall rd. To 13 mi.rd


Lard oil ?

What kind of oil is used to fry yall chicken


Wearing gloves when handling food

Is it policy for the employees to wear gloves when handling food especially if they are cashiers or have cut their hand


I never worked for Popeye's

If I never got a employee number how can I work. I've applied for Popeye's at several locations.

Never ever have I worked for Popeye's. But I would Love to be apart of the team.

Wish I gets answer. I really want to work for Popeye's.


Even though you get paid every week , they treat you and talk to you like *** ... or maybe that’s just New Orleans , General Degaulle



i am a employee at herriman popeyes. i am one of the most valuable employees because i know how to do every single station effectively and efficiently, my hours have been getting cut because my availability is an “inconvenience” to them because i am not able to close on most weekdays.

i have been told by the regional manager (i think that’s what you call him) that i would be getting a raise. he has been telling me this since june. i have not gotten a single raise. this store is a complete joke.

the managers don’t even train the workers. they take all the employees on their first day and say “figure it out” the regional manager is always making the store managers send the needed people home because all he cares about is how labor looks and how much money the store is making. for example, i was covering for one of our cooks, this was right before our dinner rush and the closing shift cook was going to be late. so i was minding my own business.

making sure we had chicken when i’m told that i need to go home because muhomman took one look at labor. thought it was too high and sent me home. i came back in 15 minutes later because i forgot my wallet. and the manager and cashier were the only ones there and they were running around trying to get things done.

one of my coworkers didn’t get paid 2 months of working there. and when he would talk to the regional manager, muhomman about it. muhomman just told him to chill out because they’d get it to him monday. this went on for months before he finally got paid.

he is a selfish pig that has no CLUE HOW TO RUN A STORE. he just cares about the. money. he treats the managers and the employees like they are slaves.

it is ridiculous and you really need to consider firing him because he has no respect of the people below him. he has no knowledge of how a store works. herriman popeyes in utah needs to go under observation. please it is getting out of hand.

the employees are not treated right. so many workers have walked out


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