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I Tiona am a young African American woman. I arrived to the Popeyes Location on Bergen Ave Jersey City,NJ to be greeted by a young female who has been working here for quite sometime because ive seen her she has served me on many occasions.

Tonight July 21 at 830pm its POURING RAIN I Got Off My BUS To grab dinner and when i went to place my order with the SAME young lady who has taken my order over a dozen times i give her my receipt with my survey code she takes the recipt then says "Wait 1 Second" she walks to the back and comes out with another young lady who says to me "No you cant use this" so i reply "is there some kind of problem?" She replies " Yeah.. You only have 1 receipt but it says you paid with a debit card so we need both receipts" so i reply "well here is the debit card im going to use the exact same one will this suffice?" Her reply (very Rude) "NO ITS NOT!! AND ANYWAY YOU DID NOT MAKE THE PURCHASE AT MY STORE SO GO BACK TO THE STORE WHERE YOU MADE THE FIRST PURCHASE CAUSE WE NOT ACCEPTING THIS!!!" Now Im In full shock!! I say to her well Miss this is not my first time making a purchase with the survey here at this location with receipts from the other popeyes on Monmouth Street When im at work!" Her reply yet again VERY LOUD "WELL I DONT CARE I SAID NO THATS IT IF YOU DONT LIKE YOU CAN GO..." then i along with 3 other customers start to ask her why the atttitude why so nasty..

I DONT CARE WHATEVER YOU CAN GO!!! So iasked can you show me where it says we have to use the redemption code at original store of purchase and her reply 'I DONT HAVE TO SHOW ANYTHING IM TELLING YOU WITH MY MOUTH" SO I Reply is this how you treat ALL customers is this how you treat all customers of color??! She is now speaking to fellow coworkers in her native language i reply this will NOT be accepted this will not be tolerated i can have coprate on the line and ask if this is acceptable her reply I DONT CARE WHAT YOU SAY WHAT EVER GET OUT LITTLE BLACK GIRL ALL YOU BLACK THINK LIKE YOU BOSS IM BOSS MY STORE GET OUT and raises her hand to give the "peace" sign. I am willing to give my credit/debit card information to represent how loyal a customer i am to the Popeyes family but to be treated in such a way as if I OR MY MONEY does not matter is hurtful.

I felt embarassed i was wet from the rain on top of it all i got off my bus timed myself to place my order grab the order and be done in time for the next bus so i dont get even wetter. But that did not happen.

I am so hurt and i hope i recieve some sort of acknowledgement for this matter. I can be reached by phone at (97e)816-5941 or email

Product or Service Mentioned: Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen Manager.

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

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You people are always trying to cheat the system. She was doing her job.

Maybe you should get one so you can get a car and not have to take the bus. But with all the free EBT I pay for why would you?

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You mean to tell me that your time is worth so little to you that you were willing to go through ALL OF THAT just to save a few bucks??? You know, you still have to buy the large drink, so it's not really like you are getting it for free. But still, they should have valued you as a customer and just given it to you without *** you off and making you get all upset.


As a white person, I want to apologize to all of the African Americans for their ancestors have been slaves and also for all of the rude and ignorant and hateful treatment that many white people have inflicted on yall over the years. Also, I want to apologize to all of the native americans who had their country stolen from them by the white man, and for all of the injustices done to them!

I think that we should all put aside the racism and come together as one human family. I love you all my black brothers and sisters and I wish everyone a wonderful life and happiness.

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