This is twice I've been to Popeyes in the south. Once in North Augusta, SC and Ft.

Gordon, GA and both times I've faced an all black staff that seemed to treat their race better than any other. I went to Popeyes for dinner in North Augusta and they never could get my order right. I finally got sick of it and called to complain that I didn't receive all my order. The manager said no problem she would be happy to compensate me the SODA they never gave me and ALL the sides they left out of my order just to mention my name when coming through the drive through cause she knew I was disabled and have problems sitting in their hard chairs.

When I went to pick up my order and mentioned my name I told the lady I wasn't dressed to walk inside and that I was told by the manager to just come in. She yelled at me over the intercom and said well too bad I'm the manager today and I'm saying if you don't come in you won't get served then the black couple behind me had the same issue and they went through the drive though and got served. That's just MESSED up! Now they went out of service cause I threatened a lawsuit and I'm sure many after me did as well.

This time I went to ft Gordon to the px and ordered. I went to go get a soda and was told just before that my number was 88 and the lady asked what sauce I wanted and I said Mardi gras mustard and she asked what chicken I wanted and I said spicy and a kids meal nuggets with fries. Well my son and I go to get our drink and come back to them yelling the number 96 and then I hear 97 and I asked nicely what about number 88 and they looked at me like they knew I was there but never answered so I thought maybe I'm over estimating them and should ask a little louder. I asked two more times and each time my voice got louder and louder and they ignored me until a black soldier said are you going to answer her and the lady said well she can wait cause she ordered the nuggets and its a wait for the nuggets and he said well I wasn't the one who asked don't ignore her look at get and tell her that.

Then she finally told me and I stood there another 15 min until I finally spoke up again and asked how much longer am I going to need to wait cause if the cashier would of told me it was a wait I would of ordered something else for my son this is ridiculous and they finally called my number. Then I checked my order and not one sauce was in it. I asked lady I hate interrupting you but I need some sauce with my order please and she rolled her eyes and called the next person. Then I said again lady I need the sauce I ordered with my order now can I please have it so I can leave and she rolled her eyes again.

I said what the *** is wrong with you guys you can answer a single question I'm asking and I'm not asking for much. You keep ignoring me and acting all shady and its just food what is the deal and the girl finally turned to me and said mamme we are out of that sauce and I said when did you run out cause you asked me when I ordered what I wanted and I told you then has things changed from now and then that bad. Why didn't you tell me then I unless you handed it to the ten or eleven people that were behind me that you took care of first (all black soldiers by the way and the other white guy was waiting just like me) then she exploded on me screaming to were the whole px was watching and that's when I had enough and I went off on her saying what is your deal lady why can't you answer two questions without being shady and giving me an attitude. You've ignored me the whole time I've been waiting on my order and asking what is wrong with my order and then you fail to tell me your out of a sauce when you could of told me while you were ringing me up.

She continued to scream at me and my son so as to embarrass us to make us look bad and not her and I keep at it and asked for the manager and the manager ran to the back and called her out but then she went right back up the register and got to continue while some other lady apologized to me and I said no why can't see apologize to me. She's right there and your still letting her work after what she did. I don't want a free meal I want and apology period!!!! What is wrong with you Popeyes.

Do you have an issue with color?!!! I don't care if someone is purple they are paying your paycheck and don't deserve to be treated like ***. I wouldn't of ever thought about doing half the *** she pulled and would of apologize right away if a customer got upset.

Are you guys racist?!!'....cause if you are tell me now and I'll let alllllll my friends know not to eat there like I did the last one that shut down after doing the same thing to everyone!!!!! You employees and customer service sucks and to have someone doing that *** on post is un except able!!!!

Monetary Loss: $7.

Location: Snellville, Georgia

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At My local Popeyes in Grandview Missouri 5 times I have went through the drive-thru and ask for Cajun Rice and salt 4 times they were out of salt and one time said they were out of Cajun Rice it wasn't near closing whatl and when I get Cajun Rice it's as if the rice is set out all day and is very hard. New Management must have taken over in the last couple years and now I guess I don't have a dark enough tan to be served at Popeye's


I am a white guy (mid-40's) and saw racism towards blacks first hand.


If you live long enough, you will see a lot of things.


They hire all blacks cuz it's a marketing skeem. Here in Chico, Northern California, were a long long way from the south.

Louisiana to be exact and "the south" is their theme. I mean they have a "Bayou Buffalo" sauce and play Cajun music.. So since that's mostly a black culture it makes sense they hire all black people.

Or atleast, it doesn't hurt their image.

KFC on the other hand, well Colonel Sanders, was a racist mo fo who woulda had his black employees paid less.


I'm waiting on my food now in zionsville Indiana and they have screwed up my order, extremely rude, black people being loud and rude but being taken care of no problem. I honestly feel very uncomfortable.

I'm not racist by no means but I feel the tension in the air. I feel unwanted and unwelcome by staff and customers.

I'm almost ready to take the 10 dollar loss and just leave. My lunch break is pretty much over and I've spent it all here waiting on 2pieces of chicken


Same *** happened here in ohio. No biscuits and messed up the side orders.


Well...I am white and I go to Popeyes all the time, a black staff is there as well, now that I think of it...only once did a black person treat me poorly, and I didn't have to say a single word, the other employees blessed him out for me. They are wonderful.

They know how to treat people at the Popeyes I go to.

We're all just folks. Really.


I experienced the same thing at the Popeyes on Thomasville Road in Tallahassee Florida and it wasn't the first time. Also the McDonalds on South Monroe in Tallahassee. I also watched while it happened to other white people.


Yes, Popeye's Chicken is a racist organization. I have had it with them here in Alabama and will not go back after being shorted chicken and then basically being called a liar.

I have had to wait on my chicken while black people got waited on, got their orders and left. I have always been nice and respectful until now. I am sick of black America thinking I owe them something.

Popeye's can kiss my white butt.


Im tired of racist white people complaining about being victims of racial inequality


Man shut-up with all that black & white *** and stop talking mess and get off your lazy *** and do something other than trying to get a free meal!!!! :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry


Look lady there are other establishments to eat at if you have a problem with Popeyes. Seems you hicks always have a problem,do the world a favor you and your little boy go to a hick restaurant where you can feel good in your own redneck environment and stay the *** out of black establishments please,cuz nobody wants you there.


That is a typical reply from a black ape. I live in South Georgia, and my local restaurant hires no one but blacks. As a result, they are driving customers away.


Another case of a racist *** that has nothing better to do than talk *** about color of skin.. Last I check no one was stopping you or anyone else from working somewhere if you was an ideal candidate for the position.If you don't like being served by a certain kind of humans then open your own Popeyes to serve you you *** :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry


Well, aren't you rude... And grammatically incorrect...

I was the only white person working at a Popeyes in South Georgia, and now, there are ONLY African Americans working there.

One of the employees is a managers daughter.... That's ***


And you stay out of white establishments. Does that sound fair?

If you choose a segregated society, fine! You had it in the 60's but didn't like it, now you want it back? LOL!

Your ***. Not surprising though for your apparent lack of intelligence.


if you not black, you wait in line forever. they take their time so you won't come back.

the reason why popeyes likes black customers is because they prefer dark meat over white meat. breast cost more so they can get rid of pieces of thigh and leg to black people.

best time to get popeyes is when they open. grease is less toxic and attitudes of being chicken god hasn't gone to their heads.


Cyber czar isn't a racist *** at all

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